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P2P Networking.exe process file

What is P2P Networking.exe? Is P2P Networking.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: P2P Networking

Product: P2P Networking

Company: Joltid Ltd ( or Joltid Limited

File: P2P Networking.exe

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Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

Users Opinions

302 users ask for this file. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know"). 1 user rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous.

All comments about P2P Networking.exe:
I am scared of this file
Dave Haak Has something to do with Kazaa
noob I don't have Kazaa. Possibly also linked with Grokster?
Kazaa Seuche
Dano It is from the creators of KaZaa and apparently does the same thing. It has no business being on my network servers and the fact that it's there means to me it is dangerous.
Oleg It's a required aspect of Kazaa. It allows scanning of your hard drive for music as well as downloading capabilites. You can disable the feature of sharing your own files on Kazaa, but still kinda risky. This is how they catch illegal downloaders.
it installs adware from gain, remove it but when you start kazza it will be automatically installed again
l3p3r Netlimiter doesnt seem to pick up any traffic from it. I picked it up when I got shareaza I think.
DUDE It is spreading to other networks  See also: Link
herve it is a signed program so I keep it
psycho if you want to use kazaa take the risk and keep it!
Jo It comes with Kazaa. Runs constantly however, and when I delete it from programs and registry, it comes right back, even though noone has used Kazaa.
eddie locquiao i think i got this file from kazaa before and i want to get rid of it because now its controlling my computer e.g acting as a server tried to block it but i cant go on line please help me what to do
TheCount It came either with a Kazaa installation (that we removed, Kazaa is not good at all), or the cablemodem intaller.
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Is P2P Networking.exe spyware or a virus, trojans, adware or worm? Is there a known P2P Networking.exe error?
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