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Process name: NewDotNet Domain names

Product: NewDotNet

Company: new.net


Security Rating:

"NEWDOT~2.DLL" or 'newdotnet_(number).dll' is an InternetExplorer Add-on that allows you to access non-standard domains such as .shop, .med, .mp3, and it provides search results when a user enters keywords in the address browser address bar, or attempts to resolve a mistaken or nonexistent URL. It is not overtly harmful in intent, but counts as Unsolicited Commercial Software as it installs behind your back and its purpose is to generate revenue for its manufacturer. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/newdot~2.dll.html 
A very large range of software installs New.Net, including RealOne, AudioGalaxy, KaZaA, iMesh, Grokster, BearShare, Babylon and Radlight.
Removal: Open the Control Panel and look in the 'Add/Remove Programs' list.

If you can not remove NEWDOT~2.DLL (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes.

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NewDot BHO ergin
If you donīt remove correctly the file, can damage the Layered Service Provider (LSP)  See also: Link Jecko
Watch what you download
It killed my computer, nothing works even with new hard drive J.R.
cannot stop the process through msconfig because it autoloads itself again phoenixtears
nightmare!! richard brown
cannot be delted in safe mode, adds a new entry to the startup group if removed from msconfig T J
I kept getting an error and it shut what I was working down.I think I got a trojan virus from it, but not sure of the source. They happened at the same time. Velma Masi
it has corrupted my computer.
NewDotNet Client Support Web Site  See also: Link
If it is loaded, try TYPE "newdotnet" on search engine (e.g. google) and then you'll get "Error 404". If I try disable it my internet connection crashes! xcalibur
It is a trojan
Remove it from control panel. PasiV
it shut down my internet for two weeks phil
I got newdot after I had cleared a trojan h17 out and until I identified the problem
this file may cause Internet Explorer to crash, encountered it once and cannot get to the internet. Try to run antispyware program for added security anonymous
my antivirus finds this file but can not remove it . because of it i have problems with my internet. there are pages that cannot be opened because of it WiQit
Completely hijacked my computer. Restored to the day before my computer went nuts and then removed it with Microsoft spyware beta. MBrown
keep getting error msg:"Error Loading Newdot~2.dll" Anyone know if i can get rid of it? DJ
it wont let me run norton antivirus or spybot!
Damaged my LSP when I removed it. Still trying to fix Al Jimenez
Took over even using up to date Norton & Microsoft updates. Removed manually KIRK PEEL
I've deleted the file NEWDOT~2.DLL using Norton's "Wipe Info". But I still can't remove the Startup Command for it using RegEdit, I delete it and comes back the second I changed windows Cramstyle
When i get on my computer i cant get on to the internet sandra
I can't use my wireless network now I'll have to do a restore and start over james
stops my internet connection homer
if you go to (sorry i have a dutch comp)uitvoeren and you type regedit you can go to search.typ ..newdot en what he found delete it .do this so many times that he say that all the registers are clean.newdot is not agressif but i dont like it john
will crash your internet connection. can be removed in your control panel add remove programs under new.net or by downlading security task manager. Get rid of it caution
it is a spyware that detects or traces the browsing of user yamz
Broke any network connection until removed using add/remove dabs
I get an error messarge whenever I start the computer. After reading the above comments, I'm afraid to remove it. Anonymous
it autoloads from running Most(if not all) p2p clients like BearShare, Kazaa. It shuts down some internet acess for Internet Explorer or any other browser fromits engine like MYIE2 & Avant Viet Hoang
it crashes my computer after a few hours, including the internet Chapz
It is possible to delete it. In safe modus take ownership on windows 2k or WinXP. After deleting it reboot the pc. Internet will fail !! But repair the winsock 2 om windows. After reboot, you will get a message that newdot can't be loaded, It is still in the registry, remove the key out of the RUN hive. Restart pc, and your internet is back .... Jacques S.
That when you shut down, it punches wholes through your firewall, until you have nothing protecting you. Also it corrupts your folders until your system fails.  See also: Link John
this file will disconnect your internet connection, then will display a message stating "the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it can be completed for further assistance" with reference to the files Smss.exe and Csrss.exe. b0ng3rZzZ
I managed to remove the program but now windows wants to search for it everytime I restart Bones
Deinstall "New.Net Domains" from "Software" d-fens
use avg from grisoft a free download (about 3 mb) to fix this once and for all pete
When we removed newdot after Explorer was being redirected involuntarly on the next boot in XP hidden newdot~(number).dll file was still present and after reading about others with similar problems I download Security Task Manager but could not find the file until we downloaded newdot quick search toolbar and then ran Security Task Manager the inoperative dll was able to be successfully isolated after it appeared in Task Manager then I uninstalled Newdot program on 4th of July celebration finally success Ron Purcell
Newdot is dangerous! It messed up my Lavasoft Ad-watch and McAfee Firewall. It put the Ad-watch into a loop and wouldn't shut down. The only way I could remove it was to restore the computer and then delete the folder. GLStocker
bad little bugger... caused a memory leak and keep re-installing. use security task manager to end the proccess then start windows in safe mode to delete the restore file
Difficult but not impossible to remove. Creates a backdoor to allow autoupdate. Other malicious programs take advantage of the hole.  See also: Link Deb
It installs its own uninstaller program, just search your hard drive for "dotnet", and you should see it. It removes w/o a hitch. chris
several errors with memory, disconnected my mobile & pc, killed my web communicator. Moreover- I don't know where it came from... MaR
deletion of the file disables internet connection - restoring the deleted file (saved on disk prev.) corrects this problem biohazard
caused my internet explorer to crash when we tried to delete it following an anti spyware scan Mary
caused my internet explorer to crash when we tried to delete it following an anti spyware scan Mary
It stopped my intenet working properly, I couldn't connect to anything. JB
Downloaded Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta (version) and that fixed it. Ray Robertson
Damaged my LSP when I removed it. Still trying to fix DonKappi
It messed up my computer completely. Very dangerous. EcHo
I know it has ruined my computer Carole
Newdot IT RULEZ! Bl0oDy
This file interferes with your web browser and affects wireless connection, It also carried a Trojan downloader, on deletion I had to restore my LSP files to regain internet access. Very troublesome! Paul P
Not a lot but it is a pest - have been told that it may have come in on hot bar which I like but have had to take it off. It has made a real mess of my computer. Denise
disabled my internet explorer when I uninstalled it. So far I have only been able to get internet access by using restore point to pre uninstall of newnet. Jeff
Stopped incredimail from connecting to mail server and XP would not turn off or restart. Removed through Add/Remove programs then everything worked fine. Dave
It totally stopped my internet connehen rction..connected to my winsock..gave me major problems, some of which im still trying to fix Laura
I also receive the message keep getting error msg:"Error Loading Newdot~2.dll". Don't know how to fix it. ct
Anything that installs without your consent in my humble oponion is dangerous these days Guny
I removed newdot, but windows gives me a message saying it cannot be found at startup. Keith
deleted it using macaffee and now i can't get on the internet gayle
Microsoft Antispyware identified & removed this no problem RayG
I found a good free utility to remove this, SPYBOT 1.4  See also: Link Kyle
its very easy to remove. follow the newdot link below  See also: Link mark
I know how to get this file out of your PC.......... Richie
this thing would not let me connect to the internet a-z dav
how can i get back my common client user session
yes its really bad with IE. Paul
It was added during a p2p install, which the 2 companies are suporting eachother in some way or another, it is bundled software. Microsofts AntiSpyware, and SpySweeper does the trick at removing it, and also PC-cillin notified me of it being on my computer. But i must say that when i was installing eDonkey, it did give me the opportunity to decline the install of New.Net, and i never did. until one day i reinstalled eDonkey again, and this time New.Net installed anyway, so i vowed to never use eDonkey again, and found an even better p2p software.  See also: Link WHB
keep getting error msg:"Error Loading Newdot~2.dll" Anyone know if i can get rid of it? taavi
I managed to remove the program, but now i canīt connect to internet with my PC Peter
if you download the secruity task manager and quarantine newbot and delete new.net your comp will be fixed
Killed network connection (no valid IP address) until removal Tom Greendyk
Hosed IE Brian
installed with shareaza, after deleting with security taskmanager i had no internet connection anymore. running uninstall from newdot-website doesn't fix it, still have no internet, computer (win2k) is very slow an startup  See also: Link amibert
Antispyware beta finds newdot, and remove it, but not completely, never completely. I need another solution. antonio
I can't connect to the internet anymore and I've tried to restore my computer but haven't had any luck restoring it. My computer isn't letting me restore. G
installed with software from a free cilpart site. Mr_majic
Newdot is an Internet Explorer Hijacker! I spent a lot of time removing newdotdomain from a user's PC so that Internet access could be restored ALR
It is a vicious file and not easy to remove, thank for the advices. Jean-Jacques
it is very harmful - go to the control panel and look for newdotnet domain and uninstall and restart then u will be all set again...
it uesd up all of my memory so that my computer was frozen and my internet connection crashed Tony
it will infect like crazy but use Ewido, you'll clean it! Spyware Killer
hit my m8's comp yesterday... messed everyting up... nut315
antivir went nuts tryin to remove it and i ended up with a broken LSP Zylla
really scary.i felt just helpless.there was one virus-warning after another and it took me quite a long time to know what the hell was going on... julia
Relatively recent spyware scanners are able to deal with this program. SpySubtract (now trendmicro antispyware) was able to resolve the issue. Running Netsh Winsock Reset  See also: Link
It installs an LSP. It is trackware. MAILER-DAEMON
Trojaner vic.b
Present downloading Minez P2P. AVG-free caught the DLL, but internet connection remained down. After Control Panel removal fully functional. Jellybean
Pesky little bugger. Can be removed safely. I was able to remove it in SAFE MODE. I did get the error message at start up. Ran Registry Mechanic. Cleared the problem. It then re-loaded itself. I then went into the registry and manually removed the file path and have not had any more problems. It is gone. Glen
It must be deleted. It's useless and harmful. Captain Danny
Remove the 'newdotnet' software etc...... if you lost your internet access on the desktop -- go to this website: http://www.cexx.org/lspfix.htm .....download and run this tool. YOUR WELCOME!  See also: Link N00bnessMonster
i didn't know anything until i came to this website, just go to add/remove programs and remove it. stef
"Modem not responding" No internet BK
it came on my internet then i i done some thing now every time i start the pc up it says erro newdot could not start random hero
I used AVG Free antivirus to clean it up and then went to add/remove programs and removed it. No problems so far. Thanks to this board I knew to go to the control panel and remove from there. I was without internet last night =) Linda
This will help you remove and fix new dot net dll  See also: Link Mike M.
This is just a sn00ping device. If you install then deny the update on ur firewall (for example) then on re-boot your comp wont load the net as proxy setting will be knocked out as it will need newnet dll to boot the web... how gay really. In your system (or maybe system32 cnt rememeber) you should have a round icon with blue stars on it (new.net uninstall) Uninstall the file(s) & reboot. All new.net allows you to do is access pages with different .(dot) names. Big deal, no-one wants to acces 'lamesite.lamedot. So there Timmi Magic
If this program is unistall, I can't connect to Internet. David
I down loaded Microsoft Antispyware Beta and also downloaded Security Task Manager and my problem is no longer there..... Diana Barclay
i cant connect on the internet anymore, but everything works, music, movies, word, but it cannot find this file and so i cant remove it or download a new program to delete it because i cannot go on the internet!! please help!! marie
no se porque aparece antonio
attached itself to everything. cleaning out caused PC to shut down Bobbyg1967
I cna't download anything from IE, won't even open a file, or let me get a blinking cursor in search engine entry line. May have gotten it from MyTotalSearch?? WRJ
It seems to be no virus or spyware. I got it with edonkey. It adds not official domain names, to the browser. Only rename (delete) the dll and it will be "removed", but then the normal domains will not work, too. I removed it then about System- Software and now all works fine (the dll still exists but can now be deleted).  See also: Link Blue
Go to Add/Remove programs. Remove "New.Net Domains" just like D-fens above says. That's the cure. P2P installs it. It does ask if you want to, but who knew that saying yes was the wrong answer? Andy
I dont know what i do, but its damn hard to remove... I used this progam from the link...  See also: Link Snoop Vejle
I found a very helpful link. I'm running XP but the advice helped me get back on the internet.  See also: Link
Not sure if this works perfectly, should do, being symantec and all. I tried spybot, microsoft adware or whatever and security task manager....none worked...it reinstalls itself, go here  See also: Link James
Deleted with, Spybot; search and destroy Sarah Rankin
I had "NewDot~4" and all i got was an error message upon StartUp saying Windows couldn't start the NewDot program so i guess my system (Norton Internet Security 06) already nailed it. Then I ran my SpyBot S&D 4.1 and got "NewDot" to show up and then deleted it :) Erik
it destroys my network bibi
It would not let me connect to the internet. I removed it with this link  See also: Link René
license code /license name for spyware doctor dijlali
I just delete it by myseft but I amn't want to delete it. who can give this NEWDOT to me please pay
Straight from newdotnet.com's site. See which one of the three solutions will work for you. Mine was the third. Very annoying. Was detected by Ewido's Anti-Malware 3.5 but unsucessfully removed. Keeps reinstalling itself and coming back.  See also: Link *RIP*Distronic
error message "error loading NEWDOT~ 2 dll"--- happened to me just go in program files and open the folder and uninstall because it might not be in control panel karisa
my internet is stuffed up. memo
Get cannot find C:\ NEWDOT 2 DLL on computer start-up. Unable to use Internet Explorer unless I go at it from two different directions. What a hassle. Andy
Dunno where it came from,but it clogged up my internet for a month before i digged this up on my pc and wondered what the hell it was now i know it is a plague and I hate it. If it is on your computer, delete it emediately Ray
This file caused anything that tried to access TCP to freeze completely. After uninstalling new.net out of add/remove programs and removing the DLL file from my HD, all seems well. Great resource, thank you guys. Stephen(A+ Certified Tech)
Removed using a Symantec remover (find it on their website). After removal it stopped the internet, tried everything. Then came to this website, and followed the following link. Ran the program, easy as pie, and now everything works fine :)  See also: Link kman
Blocks Windows firewall, uses processor time, slows browser to a crawl, reinstalls itself. Peter
I don't know where it came from but I was able to uninstall ok. I run Trend Micro PC-cillin and this did a good job of detecting it. Rick C
New.net was an absolute nuisance. I downloaded "Registry Mechanic" and ran the programme. It found and deleted it in 20 mins. No problems now. Sheila
i`m having trobles with my connection , and there is a message , showing when i start my computer , saying that can not find the newdot dll,, what do i do ? cristiano
It causes nightmares. If you're going to remove it, don't remove it from any anti-spyware or anti-virus software coz it can remove your access form the internet. Remove it only from Add/Remove Programs in the control panel Andu
totally crashed my computer. cannot access to the internet, and i have no sound anymore! tried uninstalling it but nothing works.
Spyware/Adware. Go to Start Run CMD type in command prompt window: netsh winsock reset. Internet Connection should be restored Leonard
Installed itself with Warez/Ares along with trojan dialler. Wipes out your internet conenection. I only managed to uninstall it by chance. Very annoying. Matt
It stopped my printer from working. Sandeep
I can't connect to the internet anymore because of that stupid New Dot thing. I have gone to Add/Remove Programs, but I can not delete because it says it is in use. I can not download the correct program to fix it, as I can not connect to the internet, as 'marie' had said. Tali
went to the newdotnet website and followed the instructions on how to uninstall. Seem like software was a good idea(adding more domains), but somewhere it took a realllllly bad turn. Larry
comes with certain dowload agents (IPHOX), has auto re-install, is a trojan and spyware. causes connectivity problems if not removed through control panel (still leaves reg entries and stuff).
your internet connection may be lost after uninstall. I have lost:( hakan
I removed it and could no longer get connected to the internet. I am now reinstalling Windows on my main machine. John Bean
Locked up Explorer daily & finally killed my ISP connection
I deleted in with Avast! and my computer went crazy with warnings and I couldn't connect to the internet or get email. It also turned my fire wall off. I removed it from my control paned and then restored my computer to before the incident and then it worked! Carolyn
I corrupts winsock causing all browsers to crash. In WinXP ... START RUN CMD netsh winsock reset catalog Deborah Brazo
Found an easy fix on the dell web site link below  See also: Link steve
Seemed to be harmless until detected and deleted by virus scanner. Tried all other remedies then found this one, which fixed it  See also: Link Sonic
Wow, talk about having the time of my life! My first real encounter with a trojan that actually gave me hell. Don't know where it came from, but as soon as I opened a browser, volia! Trojan detected. Couldn't delete because it was running on something. Task manager + all Anti-v software was messed. Restarted, deleted. And now upon reboots I get error loading file --.dll. Not to mention my Internet is FUBAR'ed. Working on it now. xven
Had it for a while without knowing, it forced a system restore after removal Keith
I downloaded Bearshare new version5.1 nad now when ever I try to run it i get a window that says " Bearshare has encountered a problem and must shut down" can anyone help
Spybot - Search and Destroy can fix it :)
i have just uninstalled it , and it said restart but i just read that it will disript myinternet connection so iīm scared to restart , because i dont want my connection lost, but i understand it only effects IE , and i am using mozzilla firefox not sure if it will make a difference but i hope my net stays up an runnin steven
Got it thru www.screensavers.com trying to get a new screensaver. Bah.Never again. Hunt
Well i got it from a download and it stopped ALL internet connections,i was connected but it stopped me from using it...all i did to delete it it search for "newdot" open the folder and it has its own uninstallation... some1 who cares
stopped internet from connecting, is there a fix for this  See also: Link firewire
It disabled my Internet Explorer! Run.dll was missing from my Task Manager because of this. My computer was MUCH slower. Luckily, I found a way how to delete this. Just follow the error message to locate a folder (Where the message say where your run.dll is missing), then uninstall the newdot programs (DONT DELETE THE FOLDER YET!!). When you are done uninstalling each newdot programs then delete this folder. Restart as usual. Should be resolved. WildDenim
its adware or trojan, a bad one. spybot its the best soft to get rid of it! gabriel
I fixed the probled. Download lspfix and run it. Delete webbrowser. Install new webbrowser. Problem solved. Easy  See also: Link Sigve
I found newdot in my programme directory and I deleted it because I didn't install it knowingly. Now, when I boot the PC I recieve an error "Can't find Newdot~2.dll and it's at the least very anoying.... Eddie Punch
I found out that the spyware software I am using had been infected. Spysweeper by Webroot. I solved the issue by uninstalling and re-installing the software. driley
its so hard to remove i did everything to fix but it wont get remove somebody please help...... Ray
I did a search for newdot on my computer and found a folder called newdot. I deleted it and ran another search and it was gone. I then went to msconfig and found that it had a startup point, which I disabled. I thought it best to restore my computer to the day prior to trying to install limewire (it was in the exe file) and it worked. Delete the folder and then do a sys restore Annie
this removes it without a hitch, direct link to newdotnet for removal  See also: Link taxfree2
Crashed 2 of my computers harddrives-Format fixed it Randy
I removed this file using Security Task Manager and it crashed my internet access. I thank this site and Sigve for posting link to LSPFix. It fixed my internet and am able to access it. Hurrrraaayyy :-)) Pragnesh
it is fixable its in a system process that can only be picked up and erased during windows start when loading the dll`s there are programs u can get to automatically detect errors in dll files upon start up but i dont know any off top of my head they can remove embeded dll problems listen
I remove the Newdot~2.dll with the AVG Anti spyware but when I startup my pc i take an error message:"Error loading:Newdot~2.dll The specified modul could not be found"
You can remove it with bit defender (the antivirus program) Ramy
For 3 months I've not been able to use my computer because I Un-installed it - I now know it came with my qwest install program and i am pissed. All this time they've told me it was "MY" computer that was causing the problem. - I only discovered this because I put the same qwest program on an old win 98 computer (with nothing on it) to use....and quess what....I found "NewDot" and once again deleted it....The minute I did that - I could not get on the internet. How messed up is this? LaDawna
This thing crashed my connection and gave me a strange ip. Somehow i managed to get online and downloaded Ad-Aware, that fixed it. Prensly
Beware it shut down AVG Antivirus tigger2000
its a real hard one to remove, using tea timer you can auto canel the registry change to stop the start up then manualy remove it ll
Just comes up on startup. Went into Taskmanager and ordered ErrorExpert. Ran scan. It still come up on startup. So I went inot Startup manager and removed it there. Didn't come back on the next startup.Hope that does the SOB. Larry

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