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Process name: New.net Domains
Product: New.net Domains or DVD Solution or newdotnet6_38.dll
Company: New.net, Inc (www.cexx.org/newnet.htm)
File: newdotnet6_38.dll

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of newdotnet6_38.dll: 3.5 based on 113 votes. Read also the 51 reviews.

737 users ask for this file. 70 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 26 users rated it as dangerous. 18 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about newdotnet6_38.dll:
Barnby Tailor I think it is an spyware or adware program that is came with DivX pro 5.11 or 5.2 Pro Codec.
Roy Mkrzl Spyware installed by edonkey2000.......
Jon When I got this one from New.net, it also installed lots of browser hi-jacking software
Ladeeluvvu I noticed this DLL file on my pc and I also have DivX installed.
Imago I got it with Edonkey2000 as well...
Marcelo It brokes my internet connection
Pax edonkey installed this
possibly from imesh client
May be a browser hijacker  See also: Link
LOW_RAM browser hijacker, freze.com and newdot.spyware allows adds from there parteners to be displayed on your computer also loads into memory and changes the regestry (DO NO TRUST THIS PROGRAM DEL IT AND DELTHE REGESTRY VALUE
eXpLoSiVe came from endonkey2000 from me, when u try 2 deinstall it manualy it will block your internet connection
Sander I also recently installed some DivX codecs.
Sultan You should use mozilla!
trevor you will get it with any version of imesh
SirHC Interferes with IE browser and inserts itself into every running process. It came with a XMas screen saver downloaded by my unsuspecting wife. Definitely should be removed.
niknak i also recieved this when i downloaded divx.Ihad lots of spyware trouble at about the same time
Blank NewDotNet is a browser hijacker and can update itself without any input from you. Anything that modifies your windows HOSTS file is a hijacker and we don't want it! The "purpose" of this is to add support for additional domains like .AGENT .INC .LOVE .SHOP .SPORT. We suggest you remove this.
annoyed user Dunno where I got it from, but it destroyed my internet connection(I'm still trying to fix it)
b14ck0u7 Got virus now my network says limited or no connectivity cannot renew ip what so ever cannot release either I know that I am doing everything right so any suggestion would be most helpful.
from edonkey and overnet
chandrasekar I deleted it with microsoft antispyware and whennever I start the computer there is the message this file is removed and not found
Hammermarks Keeps creating popups since I got it. now it's gone they've stopped
bruce I have tried to remove it and delete this file by a variety of ways. I can not delete it or quarantine and delete it.
0. Got it with Edonkey 2000, used Spybot, ad-aware and registry mechanic to remove it and removed a registry entry manually. Now there's a file called newdotnet6_38.dll_tobedeleted in c:\program files\NewDotNet\ that I can't remove, even with a save mode startup.
its a spyware
annoyed Slows down all programs
Jennifer Petrone Newdotnet destroyed my internet connection and I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help? I am extremely frustrated with this.
kamasutra35 I just found this searching for a program. I would recomend removing any NewDotNet stuff from my computer immediately!!
Molly Fagan I got it when I installed a freeware DVD decoder (it came with some search toolbars for IE). When I started having problems using Visual Studio .NET 2003, that's when I noticed it. I actually used the uninstall program available from new.net and was unable to access the internet using a browser. Had to reset winsock and then everything worked fine.
webwiz71 -- AIM From what other people have said I believe it does mess with your internet connection... Mine started messing up the same time Synamtec started seeing this file.. problem is Synamtec doesn't know what to do about it and keeps leaving it alone.. I would like more info on how to get rid of this...
It breaks my Internet Connection an also slow down my pc.I think it comes with Warez P2P.
Concerned When I rename this .dll, my internet stops working. Can't resolve hosts.
Ed Keeps disabling my McAfee virus scan
John Caused major problems with Internet Explorer 6 on ME operating system
Jwahl425 Spyware, remove registry values with ad aware or simiilair
You have to run the uninstall file from add/remove programs & it should return your internet winsock settings to normal.
i guess the new.net-dll replaces some winsock files... after having uninstalled it violently, windows wasn't able to resolve any DNS-names into an IP-adress. i heard something about a proggy called "winsockfix" (i'm not sure), that fixes the problem
dos Its an exe that hooks itself to multiple exes running the memory. So you cant just go and delete it. use WinTasks Pro to detect it. dont know how to remove it yet
vanki it's has suppurt from a file in c:\\window\system32\topsys.exe. It comes from I - mesch
nav it was scanned as a virus by nortan and no other program could delete it so i used spyware nuker 2005 to delete and it was removed
nav use spyware nuker 2005 and it will remove it completely
Terry It diconnects IE when I try to use a search engine. It does not effect Firefox; I got it with Warez p2p. Avoid downloading Warez, it always had bad guys hanging around
bill it takes over the computer I can,t even uninstall
Zachary W Got something similar from Warez P2P. Was a persistant little bastard. Couldn't release/renew IP Rebotted modem, router - no dice. Finally downloaded XP winsock fix http://www.snapfiles.com/download/dlwinsockxpfix.html this fixes registry and forces IP renew. This worked. Uninstalled WarezP2P. Wont use it again
Beaver it apears to be blocking u for getting Ad-Aware SE it is like it dont want u to get it.....
New.net scumware purveyors from idealab (626) 585-6900
Horrible Program. Inserts itself into your winsock files and destroys your internet. I currently have it and been told to run "winsockfix" as well. Going to try it later.
Ilan After reading the other responses, I believe i got it from Overnet (even though it's a cracked ver of the pro edition) so watch out.
CMO I removed this file under add/remove programs, but it is still on the start up list in two places. I tried to uninstall using the newnet.domains uninstall instructions and was told that the uninstall file had a virus.  See also: Link
Harry I can get ride of this nightmare with Zachary W's advise, Big thanks to you.http://www.snapfiles.com/download/dlwinsockxpfix.html works. I also used warezP2P, but never again..  See also: Link

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