What is nem220.dll? Is nem220.dll spyware or a virus?

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Process name: DyFuCA_BH Module
Product: DyFuCA_BH Module or nem220.dll
Company: Avenue Media N.V (www.avenuemedia.com)
File: nem220.dll

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of nem220.dll: 1.5 based on 48 votes. Read also the 41 reviews.

698 users ask for this file. 3 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as neutral. 14 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 28 users rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about nem220.dll:
Ashvin Patel I have windows 2000 professional operating system and since last 5 days the Dependancy walker for this dll is automatically opened to the screen
Joel Mellon Browser Helper Object AKA spyware/adware  See also: Link
adware - not malicious, but pernicious
dyfuca virus
mert from my antivirus
Arimardaddy My anti-virus software keeps going nuts over it And can't seem to delete it, says system can't find the media even though I'm staring at the file.
Browne 77 Found this file while running registry Cleaner, have been having a problem with popups, this is spyware
Gerry from what i know its a defuka adware file
Radoslav Atanasov F-Prot detects it as "Dyfuca" security risk; F-Prot started reporting it soon after a problem with some advertisments started popping up - so it was not in the system before (else it would be reporeted before)
Joe Stewart Yoogee spyware/malware/browser Internet Optimiser hijacker file.
MoJoe It is a .dll used by "Internet Optimizer" which is adware
It has been dropped on my computer with a couple of other spyware programs
installed with free audio recorder, along with loads of spyware. signed by Avenue Media N.V. with invalid signature.
Gork I got it too within a flood of spy etc. ware. Seems like it has to do with an mysterious "c:\uploads" folder which is not visible in the explorer. Found this using Treesize. Antivir detected nem220.dll and optimize as Trojan.
Nate Virus Scanners Pop up and say it is a virus, but I scan the file individually, and it says there is no virus in it, I'm gonna delete it manually and see what happens.
ijaz khattak all i know that it slow down the net and also avoid the user to surf freely by blocking lot of site and bringint the internet optimizer page ughhhhhhh
Rebecca It comes with other viruses like 180searchassistant, internet optimizer and media access
shiv nem220.dll file is trjans, select and delete the file
Amit Kumar Mishra this is a file which act like a spy from our computer to the person who placed it. Every activity been watched by tht person. Inside this dll file there writen the whole codes in ascii and c languages. it be dangerious
I have just signe up to the internet thru cable. This is a trojan virus/spyware. It has given me nothing but trouble. Does anyone know how to remove it?
Boudhaditya Banerjee I have windows 2000 Advanced server operating system and since last 5 days the Dependancy walker for this dll is automatically opened to the screen
rob extremely annoying as it feeds internet optimizer, a pain to get rid of
M1c8@3L w/ Your Computer Guy! Fort Worth, Texas was responsible for repeated shutdowns of winxp system.
Szabi killed my WinXP
Alerted by SpyBot Search and Destroy
Jonathan i think it's a spyware i had it last week. i tried to delete but it can't. I restart my pc then try to delete it again and It's succesful!
John How do I get rid of it my F-prot is going nuts
Mel it caused a virus (trojan downloader.dyfica.2ba) non curable
it disables my auto internet window opening when wanted messed up my pc big time
gunwi verändert ungefragt Systemeinstellungen
annoyed user my antivirus says the Infected file is C:\WINDOWS\nem220.dll and the Virus name is SPYW DYFUCA.E and i dont like it its spyware im going to delete it manually and see what happens...
Ferdinand Infected with Trojan.Downloader.Dyfuca.DD (reported from BitDefender Online Scanner 8)
iren from "internet optimizer", which is an adware
Dejay I have Internet Optimizer and cant figure out how to get rid of it! help!
jeff windle i quarantined virus;trojan downolader.dyfica.2.ba;could not restore windows xp. had to re-install new. not pleasant.
Mr_KrzYch00 One of antiviruses detects it as a trojan as well. It can be deleted by closing iexplorer.exe in process view.
Marcus it wouldn't delete as a .dll file but when i changed the extention to a text file(.txt) it deleted no problem
intrudes important files that disturb your mental connection
Dan nem220.dll caused a crash so went investigating. Used Add/Remove Programs to remove Internet Optimizer and nem220.dll went with it. Seems to have started with Windows Explorer so may have been gathering personal info??

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