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Process name: Nail Application
Product: Nail Application or Nail.exe
Company: unknown
File: Nail.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of Nail.exe: 1.5 based on 92 votes. Read also the 83 reviews.

665 users ask for this file. 4 users rated it as not dangerous. 1 user rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 19 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 62 users rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about Nail.exe:
Adz spyware, annoying spyware
benho this file will flash my computer if it still here
Hal apparently this is a pretty mean virus
Mabus Nail.exe is a compotent of Direct Revenue's spyware program 'aurora'. Advice is to remove it with the assistance of a site such as geekstogo or spyware warrior, which you might want to look up on Yahoo or Google. Please note, that unless you are an extremely skilled user, do not try to remove this yourself, unless you intend to format your hard-drive. It has this annoying function where it tends to render itself undeletable, and rename itself every time you delete it. There are many removal approaches, but whatever you do, DO NOT use the mypctuneup provided by Direct Revenue. Do some research.  See also: Link
Brian Kirkland this file is a exe file for annoying add/spy ware from the ARORA/Direct-Revenue company it has been linked to over 1 million pc users biggest problems. This company is currently about to be involved in several class action lawsuits because of the invasive nature of this program, as it is almost impossible to completely exterminate from ones system. I myself have been at it for days.  See also: Link
Kevin Nichols Adaware would not get rid of it. It replaces itself and runs under the system account. remove the permissions on the file and give just yourself rights to the file and then create a dummy file and replace it. Then reboot and the trojen will error on bootup. Then you can remove the reg settings and adaware can clean up the other entries for you.
Weathered Horrible, Takes over your computer. Makes you want to kill yourself makes you want to buy a new computer. Class Action Law Suit..I am IN.
Michelle Triggers pop-up ads (Aurora); triggered by link to internet (IE or Firefox)
Mike Gardiner At this stage very little, appears to be very aggressive adware/spyware
Cannot seem to be removed or quarantined, Keeps coming back
Na reproduces itself so cant be deleted manually
Dismar program is a hijacker cuases aurora pop ups  See also: Link
Roman part of the AbetterInternet spyware package
Joe Part of Spyware program
Brian It is by Direct Revenue
Stephen Murphy Trojan.Win32.Stervis.b
better.internet adware
bat winnt error
Jhevon Nail.exe actually comes from a company called Direct revenue. It is a kind of adware. It can be removed using "MyPCTuneup," a free software uninstall file. I think it actually prevents the nail virus from infecting you again. Also some helpful tips can be found by googling "nail.exe" and reading the forums that come up. That's where i found out about MyPCTuneup, and it works!
jaybe Nail.exe is a is a hijacker which means it will intermittently change your Internet Explorer settings / Desktop to the link of itís authorís sponsors. This program is usually installed through consent, however is sometimes packaged as another product. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately  See also: Link
Jhevon An online virus scanner and Norton Internet Security 2005 recognizes Nail.exe as a virus. Everytime you delete it (from C:\windows) and it's counterpart (from C:\windows\prefetch) it alway comes back. There appears to be some other source file that regenerates it.  See also: Link
Erock Runs as a layer on top of explorer, doesn't show in taskmgr, but downloads additional spyware, hijacks start pages, etc. You must boot to safe mode command prompt only to delete it with hijackthis.
Nat Miller I now have a blue screen of death specifically due to this. One of its many extensions happens to have been created almost at the exact second of my first Blue Screen of Death.
Kevin I know I'm annoyed by the fact that I keep getting pop-ups. I know that is very difficult to get rid of. There should be someway to make this form of advertising illegal.
Joe Bigora Any file that is impossible to delete must be dangerous. I believe it is associated with Aroura adware that I found almost impossible to get rid of.
Cindy on start up get "Windows cannot find C:Windows/nail.exe" how do I get rid of this? I think I got rid of the file but I am stuck with this????
Terry Parker Jr could not remove with adaware se, spynuker, noadware. Had to format harddrive. This is so nasty. It even disabled my Norton software.
Aggrivating as the dickens. Would like to take the person that does this and slit his bag and run his legs through the holes.
CortoM comes with btdownloadgui.exe - be carefull where you get your'e Bittorrent client - always go for the one @ sourceforge
its spyware, and a nasty one at that! i had to totally restore my whole computer caz of it!
David Turner This is a component of Aurora, and it is one very difficult parasite to remove!  See also: Link
twist probably planted by assholes like you that push your software to get it out!
pdpmyers after deleting and empting recycle bin, it comes back to C:/windows
Sean Morrison Here is info I found about this file. Definitely spyware.  See also: Link
Trojan in c:\windows and is usualy with other malware
Aurora Spyware, executable will rewrite after delete.
Nikko Landnar Ad-aware picked it up and can't delete the damn thing
Zach it's an internet hijacker that's hard to get rid off
virus and related spyware attatched to it
Vaughan that it always comes up when i log on
Matt Malware that is very hard to remove
it wrecking my enjoyment of the net
Jono It spawns pop ups on your computer
NB Not much Slows down the computer
This trash should be illegal
self-replicating spyware
gary i have it coming back
aurora malware
 See also: Link
adrian the easy way to delete is to remove is to run hijackthis and writedown the last name it created don't delete anything yet the next step is to take the powercord off the pc while it still runing a hard shutdown then restart on safemode with command and delete both files nail.exe and the last autoname usually under c:%windir%system32
broony im pretty sure its the virus that is not letting me open all my programs. as i cannot open anything with the .exe target.
Ambrosia I have not been able to delete this file with ad-aware. Also this virus got thru while updated Norton was running. Has a recycler and keeps reinstalling itself with popups in the extreme and apropomedia wants to modify browser.
Grossi Go to Start Run. Type in 'nail.exe /Removeall. It might be RemoveAll if Removeall doesn't work.
JH Sets itself up as your Windows shell (alongside Explorer), so it runs even in Safe Mode. It's dual processes watch for deletion and will replace it. We remove it at work by overwriting NAIL.EXE with a dummy text file so it can't run, reboot and delete. Took two days to figure out.
Rengenerates itself with randomly named .exe files
pygmy Part of the massive infestation of spyware/viruses/trojans/worms that I picked up by only installing* and searching on LimeWire. Should include them in the class action suit, as well.
Kevin I somehow removed "the nail," from my PC's coffin, but not the program that it came with "The Best Offers."  See also: Link
ron a parasite hijacking pc resources.. direct revenue execs should be jailed
TommyTitties Adware virus that comes back in a second after deleting it. If I have popup blockers it doesn't bother me, but it's a virus infecting my computer and I need to get rid of it. It uses other important dll files to replace itself. Putting piece of shit viruses on your computer like this is mean.
Joosep Parts well my smyware prgrams are all finding it such as :zone alarms spy spotter karsperkey and some more but non of them couldend delete it ! so i tryd manualy i deleted it but when comp restarted it was there again, seems to mee that its making my comp slower.
J H Open Notepad, then save document as "C:\windows\nail.exe". The virus checks to make sure the file exists, but not that it's a valid file. Save over the existing one, reboot, then delete.
brad I have this as well. I finally got rid of it (I went to windows task manager and restricted it from going) from there i deleted it from my control panel (which by itself, wont work) I did one more thing and now I am at the final stage of removing it, when the popup tells you that windows cannot find "nail.exe".
bishram very hard to locate and remove
Michele Interrupts some system operations, computer has not run correctly since, "Cannot find nail.exe" type dialog box appears upon starting Windows.
The Griff stops you from opening files such as desk top
Carl Hyman uhhh... well i created it so you are all wrong it is completely harmless but stupid people freak out just because the name is suspicious
PCC Although a real pain to get rid of (because it keeps coming back), Kaspersky Anti-Virus does a fine job of dismembering this malady (KAV is by far best anti-virus out there); get & use Counterspy (for $20) if you are serious about spyware removal.  See also: Link
joe i know nothing about it other than it is annyoing.
there is a fix, search for nailfix also do scans and have a VS up and running Hijack
Kevin browser hijacker. to keep nail.exe from returning, create a text file with any character in notepad, delete nail.exe, then save that text file as nail.exe before nail.exe re-creates itself, reboot, then run trend micro's Housecall from www.trendmicro.com under free tools.
Stormr69 Installs without consent and as soon as you remove the file nail.exe from your windows directory it will put itself back. It seems the file makes a duplicate of itself with a random filename that it uses to re-install. There is currently a lawfirm seeking class action status.
Kisara The Best Offers adware. Writes itself into system shell along with Explorer. Hell to live with. Impossible to live without, because only way I'm seeing possible removal is Fdisk, format, reinstall.
Ev I remember the night of the aurora nail.exe. Computer was virtually unusable. Direct revenue should be shot for this nasty piece of work. Get rid of this immediately, major problem and security threat! I removed thid mungrel the same way as JH (see above) overwrtting and complete system scan with ewido.If you are continually getting spyware/adware and malware and would like some help in combatting these types of issues please read my adware/spyware removal guide. It explains how to set up your computer to minimise these types of threats as well as some great programs to protect your system.  See also: Link
i used avast antivirus boot up scan-seems to have gotten rid of it
Moo Nail.exe was the worst thing EVER to be on my system. I got it twice and had to wipe my drives TWICE! and I lost sleep trying to figure out what the hell it was.
joe@advancedcomputerexpertise.com use hijack this to find out where it resides. Slave the drive to clean PC and remove *.exe and *.dll entries. Install drive back into original PC, boot in safe mode run hijack this and remove registry entries. Clean
White Fox It's apart of windows explore, nothing to worry about
SAM not hard to remove but hard to locate....
Nick Okay....This is how you get rid of it....Start in Safe Mode (F8 during startup). Create a text file called nail.exe (make sure you can view known extensions: Tools Folder Optoins View Take the check out of "Hide extensions for known file types"). One you have created your nail.exe file copy it to the "Windows" directory. This will over-right the current Nail.exe. Restart your computer. Delete vdcjwsc.exe from the Windows\System32 Directory if it exists. Open the registery editor Run regedit and click Edit Find. Search for Nail.exe and delete all findings. Restart and it should be fine.
me this made me wanna kick someone in the face. =[
TechnoGuy Pain in the neck, but I think I found an easier method of taking it out. Rather than delete the file (since it restores itself) open it with Notepad, select all, delete, and save. The exe is still configured to run at startup, but there's no code. Then Shift-Delete (to skip the recycle bin) the backup of Nail.exe in the Prefetch folder. After restarting the system, use Security Task Manager to remove it from the list, then use Notepad again to save a new (empty) file called Nail.exe in C:\Windows. The last step may be unnecessary, but served to indicate the file had not regenerated itself.
Dennis Can TOTALLY CORRUPT your system, including producing BSOD. File changes name/location VER HARD to pin down and eleminate. Use the removal instructions that include using HIJACK THIS!
pete It was indeed a pain in the neck; however, you can do one of two things remove it with the instructions on symatec's website (www . symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2005-081716-4955-99&tabid=3 ) then scan OR just get Spybot: search and destroy; I used spybot = All Gone!  See also: Link

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