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What is MSKSrvr.exe? Is MSKSrvr.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: McAfee SpamKiller Server

Product: McAfee SpamKiller

Company: McAfee Inc or Networks Associates Technology. Inc (

File: MSKSrvr.exe

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100 users ask for this file. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know"). 20 users rated it as not dangerous. 27 users rated it as neutral. 25 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 18 users rated it as dangerous.

All comments about MSKSrvr.exe:
Tom Vogt Slows the computer down tremendously
Antnee C It belongs to the McAfee SpamKiller package but has been known to cause problems where the CPU usage ramps up to 100%
Paxton It's a Spam detector/deletion program by McAfee, works pretty good with my OutlookXP
the program works well but it is a memory hog
bas stor it slows your com it takes 80 to 99% of your cpu in use
Tends to be very CPU consuming, and stays in memory after shutting down McAfee Internet Security suite.
TJD Really slows down your computer
Andy Derr Hogs CPU after being installed for a few months  See also: Link
davbar68 By golly it chews the CPU usage and slows the computer. At least i found the cure for insomnia, but Mcafee will take the credit for that...
Katrin Every other time I open up Outlook, it freezes (MSKSRVR.EXE = 100% CPU) and I have to manually stop it and restart Outlook.
Hathaway Cornelius Even with Spamkiller disabled at initialization, sucks up =100% CPU. Terminated using MS Task Manager.
hutchd uses 98-100% cpu process...can't do nothing else
garyonthenet mcafee spamblocker
PeteL Had this for just over a year and suddenly started to hog 100% of CPU. McAfee site is terrible at resolving this.
Grey Otter I am deleting SpamKiller. Great, I get reduced spam, but my desktop is about as useful as a brick.
Ma']['']['eo Slow down the computer with a percentage of 90% cpu usage! Remove from autoplay...
DLS This is a CPU hog. has been running fine for about 3 months, now hogs 98%
Really slows down your computer it takes 80 to 99% of your cpu in use
Cannonsburg it uses up at times 45-60 % of my p4's power and bogs the whols system
On startup it uses 98% of my CPU but then goes down to 0
Minetaka. I MSKsrvr.exe eats too much CPU during too long time. Why ?
Cristy It is a POS - It lock up pthe CPU and tags it to 90-100%
boxcar slows computer to almost a stop, uses all memory
Masta McAfee Spamkiller (filtert unerwŁnschte Mails)
Chris, UK Hogs the processor, above 80%!
joel hogs cpu time...not worth it
Clive Took 100% of my cpu and slowed the PC down to a standstill
Barto Takes up 100% CPU basically
USAF 73 Completely slows down system, This really is annoying!
segrub Starts consuming CPU resources until you cannot do anything. Deinstalled Spamkillerl.
Mike Butler Hogs 100% CPU usage - almost can't use the computer at times. I'm uninstalling McAfee SpamKiller
Nathan It tremendously slows down internet speed. Too bad it cannot be disabled.
Armando Alenta tremendamente el procesador ya que usa el 100%
Sergioaden uses 98-100% cpu process...can't do nothing else
johnW4 Slows the pc down dreadfully and on start up will not allow access to server to retreive email. I'm going to go with a different Spam killer. This 'new enhancemant' is so much worse than its predecessor...I end up doing all the work!
Mark B MSKSrvr.exe is a space hog (occupies 469.9 megabytes of RAM on a Fujitsu S2010). As soon as my subscription runs out, I'm switching to something smaller.  See also: Link
Yahowshuwa i had problems with lagging my gaming, but it runs fine now
adin usa Bad for computer uses too much of mem %.
Craig Uses almost 100% of my cpu processing time. Difficult to do anything else.
Elbert v Bemmel It feeds my cpu up to 80-95 %, so slows down all processes
Shalianahe privacy service is part of McAfee internet suite, configerd propaly dose not Slow PC down
Will If you are having problems with the MSKSrvr.exe file taking up CPU usage, you may go to the task manager window, click on processes, highlight the MSKS file and end the process. The CPU usage will decrease immediately.
Blake H Slowed my computer to a crawl. Stopped it from running using MS Task Manager.
Steve Cohen It definitely is a memory hog. I'm wondering if it is causing runtime errors that I've been getting also.
tomas i agree with everybody - it stops your cpu!
helihoffi (2) CPU-Auslastung seit 2 Tagen (Neuinstallation XP + McAfee zu 100 %; PC sehr langsam obwohl Pentium 4; 3,2 Gigahertz; DELL (Dimension) empfiehlt McAfee und liefert es mit!! Problem trat erst ab Ersatz defekter FP Maxtor und Neuinstallation XP und McAfee auf !!
tmonk this and mcshield.exe has convinced me that McAfee sucks and will no longer get my business
Dan Spurling Massive cpu hog. My pc almost doesn't run after being installed 6 months ago
rhr Consumes nearly all resources - Still get 500 SPAMs/day
Roger K High nuisance value
Clell J As soon as I stopped it in Task Manager my CPU Usage dropped to 2% from 100%
cpaatplay This file sucks the performance out of your CPU. What's worse, the spyware or McAfee??
Rudy mcafee spamkiller debilitating cycle sucker
Peebukas MCAfee spam killer, results in DOS by workstation. So it is rather dangerous. 85-95 of 3.2GHz with 1Gb of RAM is too much!
Martin666 It stalls my PC by using all the CPU
Gregg MSKSrvr.exe is McAfee Spamkiller. It eats up most of the cpu and lots of memory when running.
zach locks up the system at shutdown
NikL Huge resource hog. Freezes up everything with 100% CPU usage which never ends. Im tempted to get rid of Mcafee all together.
I gave this program 10 minutes and finally gave up and shut this program down in Windows Task Manager. It was sucking up 88 to 99 percent of my 2.5 MHz processor!
Rodi Takes up 22 M of physical memory. Disabled it since I am not using outlook.
D King Melbourne Australia I am runing it with Windows XP. It caused my computer to run flat out. Ishut it down and emtied out the folders with .eml files in them. But why do these folders exist? They do nothing except cause this provlem. McAfee should delete them from the program - or else make the program empty them when they have say 50 files in them.
Kevin Can cause your computer to crash if memory usage is peak and other programs are running
Chavez McAfee Spam Killer. Slow down you PC & Brings CPU usage to 100%.  See also: Link
Susan D. I've been using McAfee for a year with no problem. All of a sudden, MSKSrvr.exe is using all my CPU memory. Runs at 98-100% most of the time. McAfee has NOTHING on their website. I'm going to uninstall the program. I don't get any spam anyway.
Da Bitch Killed my Outlook performance... Got rid of Spamkiller...Much happier now!
Joe Hunter McAfee sucks, No tech support no fix in site they dont care
deven10 REALLY slows down everything. CPU usea stuck at 100% - This program stinks
Ranger551 it slows the cpu WAY DOWN... not worth having spamkiller
DFA Run McAfee Spam killer or Turn your computer off. They both offer the same protection at the same speed.
e-Robert McAfee Spamkiller Server (msksrvr.exe) just hijacked 100% of my cpu and won't let go. Resource Hog? No, WHALE
SM If you delete the program it doesnt affect your comp, though McAfee will download and install it again automatically, and you have the same problem again.
Ashley Practically stopped my system
DrumloveJohn By the time it took me to google the file and find this site and read how it sucks up resources, it was done (I also have just moved and hadnt booted up my pc in 3 days)
Tomo Spam Killer
Larry Z This file starts taking all the memory on the machine and nothing else runs. Cancel the process and delete spamkiller from install to clean up
CandaceLH MSKSrvr.exe would with no pattern suddenly hog up my cpu to 99% I removed McAfee Spamkiller and now the file is gone and my PC operates normally now.
MattP It works no better than the built in junk email filter in Outlook. What a damn waste of CPU resources. POS.
McAfee SpamKiller - also a pretty good PC killer & CPU hog
JesseJames Part of McAfee SecuritySuite. After several months takes up 98% of CPU usage, grinding computer to Commodore 64 speed. LOL. Set up SecuritySuite and disable the Spamkiller option. Automatically releases the 98%CPU usage
Bucko Peidmont This is not normal. Even on a dual processor I cannot access my mail after downloading. Blocks the spam but need it require so much processor after the action is complete? I suspect a memory leak or run away process.
Phyk Makes outlook take about 5 minutes to open and slows every down until it's almost unusable.
Aitken Brotherston Hogs Process time Remove Spamkiller = Remove Problem. I have a 2004 version of Internet security. I do hope this is not McAfee's way of trying to get me to purchase a later level.
bcc It's a cpu pig!
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