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What is MsgPlus.exe? Is MsgPlus.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: Messenger Plus! or Launcher and Uninstaller or MSN Messenger Service

Product: Messenger Plus! or Messenger Plus! Extension or Messenger Plus! 3 & Sponsor

Company: Patchou (

File: MsgPlus.exe

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466 users ask for this file. 13 users rated it as not dangerous. 1 user rated it as not so dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as dangerous.

All comments about MsgPlus.exe:
SSigurdarson Messenger Plus Addon  See also: Link
Vampire Messenger Plus! - Addon für MSN Messenger und Windows Messenger  See also: Link
FrankO Add on for MSN Messenger. Runs in the background to check if MSN Messenger starts.
Eric Lankreijer MSN Messenger Addon - NEVER install the sponsors when you update, when you do deinstall and reinstaal without sponsors  See also: Link
Parsifal Well, i've rated Messenger Plus as Dangerous not because of the software itself but because there are some websites wich have the MsgPlus320-exe download infected with the " ". I know cause i got one! It was Kaspersky wich caught the Trojan in file "MsgPlusSetupFile-B.tmp" before doing some damage. The strange thing is that i've downloaded the infected file from MsgPlus's home website! . So, be aware!!
Parsifal More info: msgplus.exe is distributed as a third party MSN extention. However is also spyware. This process monitors your browsing habbits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analyses. This also prompts advertising popups, hides banner ads and adds archiving and other useful features. Appears not to work unless checked, but may be activated after startup. Not recommended as it includes program is a registered security risk and should be remove immediatly.  See also: Link
dreammaster4 this file itself is not dangerious but contains very dangerious SPYWARE products in at not to mention trojans etc i just installed it on my system and lots of spyware things appered one i uninstalled this it went away
Ewan This file is not dangerous if you read the stuff properly and install it without the sponsor program. It gives you CLEAR instructions to agree or disagree to installing the sponsor program. I know many people just click agree and next automatically, you shouldn't for this. You should click "I disagree, install wihout the sponsor" or whatever it says.  See also: Link
Soban Its not dangerous one bit, dont install sponsors and your fine, have a firewall :)
msn messenger plug in
Sean A. Turvey U.E. It is part of MSN Messenger Plus an addon for Messenger. Do not however agree to the sponsor as it will add spyware.  See also: Link
Doody An add-on for MSN Messenger. Harmless if you install WITHOUT the sponsers.
Indeep No es peligroso :)
Hells-Fury its all good as long as you !DONT! install the sponsers major spyware and tronjon if you do! trust me i should know
Shalianahe Add on for MSN Messenger
Jetlir Mein Rechner friert ein, stürzt ab und andere Dinge passieren.. Als ich den Deinstalliert habe, war alles wieder normal..!!!
Heidi Hatte drei Trojaner in C:\System Volume Information\-Restore TR/Dldr.Swizzor.cb durch "ad-aware" gefunden und beseitigt. Die Datei niemals mit Sponsor downloaden!!!
Nitemare this is a GREAT program, althought never download form any site other then the offical msgplus! site(see link). every one that says its a virus or spyware is wrong, they're just noovs  See also: Link
Hidden Do not install the sponsers. Other wise it should be ok.
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