What is msbe.dll? Is msbe.dll spyware or a virus?

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Process name: ADP Module or apuc Module
Product: msbe.dll or ADP Module or apuc Module
Company: eXact Advertising (www.exactadvertising.com)
File: msbe.dll

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of msbe.dll: 1.5 based on 22 votes. Read also the 24 reviews.

432 users ask for this file. 1 user rated it as not dangerous. 1 user rated it as not so dangerous. 1 user rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 12 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about msbe.dll:
Bill Newcum Registry guid F4E04583-354E-4076-BE7D-ED6A80FD66DA says the ProgID = ADP.UrlCatcher
if you have this, you're about to be hijacked to slotch.com
Advertising popup windows
_.th.i.nk._ it or its components reinstall it every time it has been removed (Cashback) adware somehow linked with bargin buddy
BARGAIN BUDDY. it's very annoying to remove.
Part of the "Bullseye Network" or "Bargain Buddy" Malware Suite
Runs as a module under explorer process. I found it in windows\system directory.
advanced in installer
P.P I think it could be a adware or spyware
Matt It is related to the Bargain Buddy Malware and MSBE.exe
Stephen Spyware - eXact Advertising
Tiggerboyeee Well from what i have been able to put together. This is a master dll file that keeps a link to back up any lost data of the w32 worm virus. Its basically put into from the benews.net people...also it seems to associate itself with bullseye, fastclick, bargainbuddy, bfast.com, and many other url catchers. VERY HARD TO GET RID OF! follow the link i have put here this may help...hope you can do it I had major problems.  See also: Link
Black Panther It is a process that runs Bargain Buddy. Bargain Buddy is spyware
Greg Part of Bargain Buddy. Monitors IE, can reinstall BB exes.
kia Certified spyware/foistware, or other malware  See also: Link
Ben Tries to change BHO in internet Explorer, Im trying to determin if I can safely remove the msbe.dll file. It will not allow me to delete it
it is part of bargain buddy from bullseye network
Jam it comes up as a risk file on norton
Anubis i think it's associated in some sort of an adware. i had a hard time removing it.
unknown It comes back each time you delete its files and as soon you connect to the internet then it displays pop-ups like crazy
gaz use adaware free to get fid of it!
The_MiOS Bargain Buddy i'll make analyzist of this .... delete!!!!
DelCompusales It is no good - I wish I never heard the name "Exact Advertising"!

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