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MpfTray.exe process file

What is MpfTray.exe? Is MpfTray.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: McAfee Personal Firewall Tray Monitor

Product: McAfee Personal Firewall (MPF)

Company: McAfee Security (

File: MpfTray.exe

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166 users ask for this file. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know"). 11 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous.

All comments about MpfTray.exe:
called mcafee
part of your McAfee Firewall! no harm can do
jack renče macaffee tray-icon
McAfee Personal Firewall Tray Monitor
nick it is a system tray icon that allows for easy access to mcafee settings
TurboTax Deluxe 2004 wont run if mpftray is running
Gregg Holbert It is part of My McAfee Firewall
Dave Loveless MpfTray.exe is not a virus, trojan, it's a minor problem that Mcafee are currently having.It's simply a matter of the McAfee Firewall icon on the task bar not loading up correctly after a computer restart. McAfee are aware of this problem and there engineers are trying to rectify the error.
Roscoe Khan MpfTray is part of McAfee Personal Firewall. When says not responding there is no problem and only needs to be restarted in the event viewer, which is allocated in Admin Tools  See also: Link
Eberhard uses 50% CPU time on a 3GHz PC
Martha Owen I use Microsoft Outlook for e-mail. (not Outlook Express)
wasn it massively slows down older machines
Eggi verursacht 100% Systemauslastung von Zeit zu Zeit
Moen its OFTEN using 100% of my cpu, this is a BIG problem for me.
Amy It is said to be for Mcfree and used to run fine but I closed it because it caused my CPU to stay at 100% O.o
Shalianahe privacy service is part of McAfee internet suite
samuel kay On startup this exe uses 100% of CPU resources, Not Good
Mcafee personal firewall tray. Mcafee has tonnes of issues. Uninstall it.
steve MpfTray.exe IS the firewall. If you disable the firewall, the exe disappears. It was using 100% of my processor, so I disabled the firewall. It's annoying - does anyone know how to fix it?
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