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Process name: PDP RPC Server
Product: Printer Driver Plus or LMPDPSRV.EXE
Company: DeviceGuys (biz.yahoo.com/ic/105/105723.html)
File: lmpdpsrv.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of lmpdpsrv.exe: 4 based on 24 votes. Read also the 26 reviews.

283 users ask for this file. 12 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 1 user rated it as little bit dangerous. 1 user rated it as dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about lmpdpsrv.exe:
Mr. Google Related to a Lexmark printer/scanner. Printer sharing server? Is it required?
Orandall I think its my Lexmark printer?
Lexmark Drucker
tahsin I think its my Lexmark printer too :-)
Daedalus Installed as part of some Lexmark printer drivers (filenamed for: Lexmark Printer Driver Plus Server; Service name: PDP RPC Server). Created by DeviceGuys (now ViewAhead/Conexant). Runs local TCP port 1026.
Lexmark Drucker
Ed I have loaded Multiple Lexmark printer drivers (reinstalls included) It just showed up the last time end of Jan, 05
Richard Creighton Lexmark - plus. Monitors/configs their printer. Can delay/inhibit shutdown or pwer off because it doesn't want to allow the OS to terminate it.
Bill Velek I also have a Lexmark Printer; no problems with my system at all.
Douglas Price Linksys Printer Related
Rollie Same as above. Pops up after installation of Lexmark Printer
Will Wag This is used by the Compaq A3000 and is part of the XP driver download from hp.com. I am not sure why it needs to have internet access (blocked by XP firewall).
Bud Not a Pest according to e-Trust  See also: Link
Scott D This is neede for lexmark printer to run. Unintall and you loose all your speed dial info and printer wont print. Just Dont let it communicate with internet. Dont know why it needs internet access but I have refused all connections permanetly and never had a problem. Dont unistall!
Stephanie Lawrence Lexmark printer and scanner sharing application which allows you to share a printer over a network.  See also: Link
George I do have a Lexmark printer, so ??
Dortl It is definitly part of the Lexmark Printer/scanner installation
Marcea Patterson I see that others have lexmark and so do I
its me came on after I installed Lexmark printer
TCarter Lexmark
ssnake lexmark don't work without it. However, it does not need to access the internet so I blocked it. no problems.
Lucky1 PC's Directly related to the "ViewAhead Photo Center" that was installed at the same time as your Lexmark Printer. Just uninstall "ViewAhead Photo Center" and it is gone
SilveryGod Lexmark related
Luis WinXP did block it from internet access before I in stall Norton Firewall; Norton does not block it from internet access. Will follow Scott D advise to be on the safe side.
ALEX Lexmark X125 Printer Driver
Piratacolon Part of lexmark drivers

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