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Process name: Icon3E5562ED7.ico
Product: Icon3E5562ED7.ico
Company: unknown
File: Icon3E5562ED7.ico

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of Icon3E5562ED7.ico: 4.5 based on 12 votes. Read also the 11 reviews.

501 users ask for this file. 9 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous.

All comments about Icon3E5562ED7.ico:
BrianG This file seems to be related to the Cisco VPN Client (I'm using v4.01) for Win.
Spencer. Yeah, it's related to VPN Client, because it showed up immediately after i installed it.
p4r4lyz3d this file IS related to cisco vpn client for windows
Alex. Both of you´re right! I´ve installed the Cisco VPN on my Laptop and this File is locatet at: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{6DC47739-3BB0-4494-A43D-193BF54070AE}\Icon3E5562ED7.ico -user_logon and starts automatically with Windows. Without the Start of the Tunneling Networkadapter "Cisco VPN Systems" you´re not able to Use VPN.
grakkus "this file IS related to cisco vpn client for windows"
Rapunzel Cisco VPN Client (v 4.0.4)
thats right. belongs to the VPN client. i use it for university
vk I agree, its related to Cisco VPN client
Vince I too have this file and the Cisco VPN version running on Vista, However it appears that the file is defective, as I get error's from all programs accessing it.
GusR I also have the Cisco VPN client. The thing to do might be to try to open the file with and icon editing program and see if it is a legit .ico file
Tiki Msconfig shows the start up of Core for Cisco VPN on my pc, but Tune up Utilities does not. Instead this shows the Ico file. When I disable it in Tune Up, I am not able to use VPN anymore. So yes: it is a Cisco related file.

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