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hptskmgr.exe process file

What is hptskmgr.exe? Is hptskmgr.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: HP Task Management Component

Product: hp coretech (COmponent REuse TECHnology) or overland

Company: Hewlett-Packard Company ( or HP (

File: hptskmgr.exe

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Jynx D5 Runs once every exactly 15 minutes. Remains active for a little over 20 seconds. Just before exiting, it creates an off-screen window and detroys it immediatly. The windows steals focus causing fullscreen applications (video, games, ...) to minimize or even crash.
Naveen what is hptskmgr.exe ........
Steve G. It comes up at shutdown.
Naomi I think this is related some how to hewlit packard. On my computer it runs every 15 mins and the program flashes across my taskbar.
Lord Kain Not dangerous..but annoying as hell for the same reason Jynx D5 gave
Batpuppy Causes audio applications to lose focus so if you are recording or using VST plugins with live audio (e.g. a guitar), you will experience a dropout.
It belongs to the HP Printer Software, (HP Taskmanager)
SprayPaint hptskmgr.exe IS part of the HP printer software it manages the printer spool and other stuff if you have an All in one, however as stated by Jynx D5 is grabs focus and can cause some older Full screen apps to crash. for resulation with the problem contact HP Support for your Model  See also: Link
Jason using ProcLog found this to be the program that steals focus and flashes on taskbar (as said before) HP really sucks for making this kind of junk.
Stefan It steals focus all right, causing some full-screen games to loose focus. Grrrr
Boony I've tried delaying the 'refresh' from 15 minutes to 1 day by amending the interval in the configuration file hpcmconf.xml. Interval is in milliseconds
Sarika It comes up while shutting down the computer. I have no clue of y it appears when shutting down and what exactly it is...but its something to do with the Hewlit Packard. Guess its the task manager of the printer/ scanner on the comp.
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