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hpqSTE08.exe is installed and used on computers with printers from HP. This program is a driver that enables communications between your computer and your printer. Stopping or removing this program may prevent your printer from working correctly.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hpqste08.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of hpqste08.exe: based on 32 votes. Read also the 29 reviews.

781 users ask for this file. 15 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about hpqste08.exe:
Seems to cause "Server Busy" error messages.  
It Belongs to your printer, leave it alone   Jasta
from your printer.(HP)   tim
Not necessary. Do updates manually and eliminate this.   Anthony R Rasmus III
My file crashed and than I had dsl connection problems, had to reboot all the time   Elaine
is eating up my slow dial-up bandwidth, causing page-load errors.   JoeBuzzz
makes running programs a lot slower  
Part of the HP photosmart printer setup. May cause "Server Busy" error over and over again.   Badger Dog
Looks like the Tray app to display the status of your HP printer / scanner   nes
This should be found in the program files under the C: if it not found there and it is proven to not be malware you should uninstall and reinstall the printer software from the disk or HP website   Tara with HP Total Care
happened after I installed a new all in one h.p. 6310   Fred
when I end the process using task manager it doesn't seem to have any negative effects.   matthew naylor
Dumb, because HP installs it for your printer..  
It is a resource hog - do I really need it.   als
Its not dangerous at all, all it does is slow down your computer a bit.   SoftwareGeek
This is the program that determines whether your HP print device is connected to the computer. You should need this.   Joseph A. Langley
malware inbeds its self into here its not really a problem if you have a good virus protection   twig
Component required by HP to all scanning or any operation beyond basic print   Richard
installed by HP with certain color printers   KJ
I kept getting the error message before shutting down. Turned off the printer and error message stopped. It only appears if I leave the printer on. It doesnt seem to cause any performance problems that I can see.   Jeff
I have this error, after it stops my hp4500 wireless printer can no longer be seen. If your using a wireless printer you may find it essential!   Anthony
It is from the HP Photosmart C700 series All-In-On printer Software. Check if there is malfunction in your scanning or fax portion of the HP unit. It started after I banged the Printer one day when it was hanging. Oops   Raybong
I'm on SAMSUNG netbook. Desktop is HP. HP printer added 6 mos. ago when netbook purchased. Problem started today. Uniblue installed a week ago?   Cindy L. Belarde
nessesary for hp digital imaging  
it does belong to HP Printer but it can use up to 60% of the CPU memory and cause your laptop to overheat :(  
if you are having that problem because you had before a print problem do the following. Go to Control panel-Programs and uninstall hp Soluction problems   Paulo Mota Pinto
It sometimes takes 100% CPU and stops any further printing etc. Have then deleted in Task Manager and all back to normal or may hav eto re-boot PC   ROBs-JOBs
HP Photosmart software suite process. Not very efficient. If original, safe. Beware malware name-a-likes.   Alex
Tied to communications between computer (laptop) and HP printer. Happens mostly when laptop is away from printer network.   B Wache

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