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Process name: SetupHook or Hook DLL or hookdll or Hook DLL (UNICODE)
Product: Wise Solutions, Inc. SetupHook or Productivity Software Common Files or Logitech SetPoint or hookdll or hookdll.dll or DVD Solution or Acoustica Effects Pack or Wise Package Studio or Wise Installation Studio or Wise Package Studio 7.00 SP or Sony Ericsson Device Data or Adobe AIR
Company: Wise Solutions, Inc (www.wisesolutions.com) or Logitech Inc (www.logitech.com) or Altiris (www.altiris.com)
File: HookDll.dll

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of HookDll.dll: 3.5 based on 23 votes. Read also the 21 reviews.

679 users ask for this file. 8 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 1 user rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous.

All comments about HookDll.dll:
Gaw  See also: Link
Desktop PC Architect SetupHook from Wise Solutions, Inc. - perhaps from PkgStudio
Roy Wiseman Part of the Wise Package Studio suite of Windows Installer MSI packaging toolset  See also: Link
CeeJay this dll is used to get keystrokes, and can potentially be used maliciously, although is a legitimate operating system dll.
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. ASUS Driver  See also: Link
TC Logitech, SetPoint s/w for keyboards and mice. User customized keys and buttons to access and launch third party applications.  See also: Link
Look Carefully before you make a comment. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WRITE AND PROOVE IT TO YOURSELF! LookNSearch Has a comma before the dll HookDll.,dll NOT HookDll.dll THis is safe from Logitech!!!
andy www.Symantec.com  See also: Link
That Dave Guy This file is associated with the Mediaplay wireless mouse software and its multimedia controls from Logitech. I quarantined the file and my media buttons on my mouse were no longer recognized.
DFXBB Wise for Windows Installer 6.1
Scott Forsyth Comes with the logitch media mouse.  See also: Link
steven griffiths it appears on system startup saying blazing tools perfect keylogger
Tosse Got this when installing a program for MSI installers
guru Part of Logitech Setpoint
Ben Hurr Its a keylogging trojan, and mysteriously keeps coming back
fitzi Can be used for keyloggers, Loads on start up with "Blazingtools Perfect Keylogger"
logitech hook dll's are not safeas the whole mouse controlling itself problem is widespread, but they are needed to program the mouses hotkeys
Part of Logitech Setpoint
Part of Logitech's SetPoint
MINDHUNTER also part of the mouse configuration software from Trust
theasta It may also belong to Trust GM-4200 Gamer Mouse. It is 229,376 bytes long in my case, and the process does show up in Sysinternals Process Explorer. Used for hot-keys/auto-fire I think. Quarantining it with Adaware gives warning about not being able to load it, but standard buttons work fine.  See also: Link

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