What is GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe? Is GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe spyware or a virus?

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This process is part of Google's toolbar software. It runs in the background checking for any other processes or programs that attempt to change your default search engine without your permission. Some consider this useful protection against browser hijacking risks, but others feel it just wastes system resources. It is not needed for the operation of the toolbar itself.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/googletoolbarnotifier.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe: based on 36 votes. Read also the 28 reviews.

3751 users ask for this file. 13 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 14 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe:
This appears to be a ghost program that was started by a possible Trojan it shows up different than the link for the Google Toolbar and it helps to bog down system processes, when deciding to keep or remove this check for the Prod ID that should show if its the legimate program   Jessie Watters
Part of Google Toolbar for Firefox  
Process that keeps Google as the default search engine. The GoogleToolbarNofifer.exe runs by default at the startup and monitors if another software (like MSN Toolbar) tries to change Google's settings.  See also: Link   FatEric
Its not dangerus but its sneaky and i had thought better of google before this   JWINGS
Google Toolbar Call Home - Sends user entered Keywords and Phrases to Google.  See also: Link   Brian Smith
This file on my computer takes a quarter of a second to go through it runs. Not that much of a delay. It's only feature however is to prevent anything from switching the search engine from google. Link for disable instructions.  See also: Link   MikedaSnipe
Valid Program, but not required on startup. I just used msconfig to disable it, but didnt remove it. :P   MOLEMASTER.Bradley
used to keep other programs from making your default engine anything but Google  See also: Link   thanh thuy phan
GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe is related to Google software.   Shaner
It is the process that accompanies the google toolbar in IE7. It runs on the background to check if there is another search that tries to replace it. Apart from this, it connects to a server to check if there is a new update. It is quite annoying, because it installs without permission, But according to google this is because of a bug and the software is not a virus. To delete it you can delete the file :C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier or untick the autorun entry . If you just change the options of the toolbar, when you boot your computer, this process will start again  See also: Link   zandarina
Just goto IE GoogToolbar settings-options-more-uncheck 1st box   A H
This tool is designed to stop LiveSearch from taking over the IE search tool. It does nothing else.  See also: Link   Monkey Butt
This file comes with the Google Toolbar and is for keeping Google as your default search engine and not allowing it be changed without notifying you; it is not dangerous but not necessary for the other functions of the toolbar, If it is using up too much resources you may disable it . Google says you can do this in the "Settings" on your Toolbar: "Options"/ "More" / un-check "Set and keep Search settings to Google." BUT you also need to remove the auto-run entry  See also: Link   Ariane R
Norton Antobot doesn't have any problem with it  See also: Link   Bert
my comp is showing up 2 of them. one of them real, other fake, you can distinguish them by the space between notifier and the .exe  
Safe app for google toolbar   Kevin
Pointless Process. Not Dangerous   Phillip
An annoying program that runs at startup no matter how many times i disable it using C-Cleaner. Unnecessarily uses up resources and slows down startup. Have searched in vain for solution on how to disable it permanently, but all advice refers to older versions of IE.   Mira
Winpatrol popped up after I searched using different browser, asking for permission to run, clicked No, then so far system is responding - story not over but its a good start   Pete Bennett
Its used by google but its not necessary you can disable the startup by using msconfig, but this program will autostart anytime you open a browser with a google toolbar you have to go to Tools manage add ons and disable notifier.   Gregg
It keeps rejuvenating other google processes I end. Maybe it's not dangerous in its true form, but on my computer it's definitely connected to my google redirect virus. Still looking for a heal. :(   Lawrence
Was Located in the Program File folder (which was the right place for it to be). The only problem I saw with it, beside eating up my resources, was the fact that I was unable to stop that process in Task Manager. Was telling me that I didn't have the rights necessary even when I was logged in as Admin. When Google installs stuff on your computer and restrains your right to it, then you know there's something fishy in it!   LightBurner
I disabled it a long time ago, but have yet to find a way to completely REMOVE itís entry in the plug-ins section.   Roy
GoogleToolbarNotifier disables Nortons AntiSpam feature on OutlookExpress Toolbar.   Mark
Usless process from google programs   John
I just took the advice given here and got rid of it and suddenly all the problems I **had** been having, disappeared!!! ***thank you***!!!!   Roger Bruton
it a program that runs to keep google as your search engine you can quarantine it with security task manager so it won't startup again you can use it for free for 30 days!   rob
Its a Toolbar and useless!   Max

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