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Process name: CDRom Class Filter Driver or Filter Driver for 2k and XP or CD/DVD Class Filter Driver or CD DVD Filter
Product: GEAR.wrks or GEARAspi or GEAR CDRom Filter or GEARAspiWDM or Virgin Digital Player or Drive Image or Norton Ghost or MixMeister Studio Demo or MixMeister Pro or GEAR 32bit Driver Installer or MixMeister CD-R Drivers or Norton Save and Restore or CD DVD Filter or GearDrvs or iTunes or GEAR ASPI Filter Driver or GEAR driver installer for x
Company: GEAR Software Inc (www.gearsoftware.com)
File: GEARAspiWDM.sys

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All comments about GEARAspiWDM.sys:
apple file for itunes
beamy Pretty much jacked up my cd-rom drives, not sure exactly how though. Seemed to coincide with the installation of Ad-Aware or some type of "worm" my McAfee VS caught and deleted. Kept getting error code 41 for my cd-rom drives after that and was unable to use either of them. Click on the link for the fix, you will have to modify a registry entry. *Edit* Upon further investigation, I found it may be linked to the installation of DVD X Copy as well.  See also: Link
derton seems to be part of iTunes
David Schulz "How to remove" article in Gear Knowledgebase - seems to be needed BUT also seems to be left behind sometimes after uninstalling the application that uses it (such as itunes in my case). see link for driver remover utility  See also: Link
David Schulz This cd/dvd driver is installed by iTunes as well as other software - see link for explanation  See also: Link
Mike R The DVD+-RW Dell is not recognized unless GEARAspiWDM.sys is available to load at boot time.
ya part of itunes. Corruptes xp x64 CD driver
TR2005b iTunes interface to CDROM under WinXP.
Thomas W. Installed by PartitionMagic 8 on my system, looks to be part of a copy protection system that encodes registry entries for the application (possibly more seeing that it is installed as a filter driver). Service can be easily stopped and set to manual from Services control panel, start only when needed by application
Used in DVD X-Copy
RalfG NeroCheck identified GEARAspiWDM as an incorrect driver in a CDROM LowerFilter registry Key. NeroCheck deleted the entry and changed the key value to 0. In common with what others have said, iTunes had been on the computer but was uninstalled just prior to NeroCheck finding the error. iTunes has been installed and uninstalled several times but this is the only time that NeroCheck has reported an error.
Ernie Installed a new version of iTunes. Discovered my DVD-ROM would not work.Showed ? against hardware in Control Panel/System/hardware. GearAspiWDM was shown in device drivers as not being signed. Removed it from the System Registry as per GearKnowledgebase. Rebooted WinXP (SP1) Compaq NC6000 and all is well again.
Matt causes errors in windows xp 64. Possibly causing BSOD.
dennis s MS Defender found it after itunes install
km Installed iTunes on Windows 2000 Pro. Re-booted and system would hang during startup. After much pain discovered the problem was apparently GEARAspiWDm.sys. Deleted this file and my system came up.
Matt my dvd\cdrw stopped functioning, and when i checked the drivers the one menitioned says that is not signed...so my pc don't come in contact with the cd-rom
it appears it is blocked from loading in xp x64 now. It is needed by iTunes for writing cd's
Robot Chicken It doesn't allow me to play ANY CDs or DVDs
Robot Chicken Breaks your DVD/CD drive if iTunes is installed. You need to edit the registry or it will not work.
wist After renaming Gearspiwdm.sys, no Cd drive is recognized
Robot Chicken Pretty much obliterated my DVD drive. The only way it will load a CD is if I completely restart, which is obviously not really that convienient. Somebody already posted a removal link but here it is again. It's installed by iTunes and I think it's necessary for it to rip from CDs (and apparently to gather album artwork now). But either way I absolutely cannot have it on my system.  See also: Link
Installed as part of iTunes 7.x as a service for all CD/DVD-ROM drives (real and virtual, not just recorders). Can and has broken all access to these drives under Windows XP x86. Manual removal through the registry may be necessary to restore drive functionality.
torch_n'trefoil Norton Ghost v10 file
Zero Incompatible with WIN XP 64 Bit SP 2 and cause Error 1060
Maz makes itunes not install
j1ayi my CD & CD writer drive cannot work as my system says its not verisigned...how do i deal with it?HELP!
Jon I thought mistakenly thought that gearAspiWDM.sys was causing my computer to crash. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. I renamed it to malware1 and now my DVD-+RW is not recognized.
CJP Setevens Yes, this is installed by iTunes in system\sysWow64\Drivers\GEARAspiWDM.sys . (Running Server 2003 x64 R2) This driver will cause errors due to its incompatibality with x64 architecture (e.g., XP x64 Edition, Server 2003 x64). Specifically, if you're running ATI Catalyst Control Center (cli.exe) it will cause the ATI program set to fail. Simply uninstalling iTunes is the only way to resolve the issue. After iTunes is removed, all problems will be solved. FYI, if you try to just remove gearaspiwdm.sys only, this will likely cause your CD/DVD drives to fail as the redbook driver will not work
steveoooooo This issue also affects Windows Vista
Torti iTunes interface to CDROM under WinXP
skilz853 I have installed iTunes and am having no problems withe DVD drives
Michael Part of iTunes. Be carefull when removing manually removing because this driver is used as an filter driver for your CD/DVD drive and will cause it to stop working if not removed propperly. More information on how to delete it can be found at http://www.gearsoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=DRIVERS:_Windows_-_Updating%2C_removing%2C_64_bit_versions%2C_etc#Removing_GEAR_Drivers  See also: Link
Cam Comes with iTunes. It's essentially an ASPI driver that allows iTunes (and other programs that use Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) to talk with your cd/dvd drive(s).
Dallas as far as i can tell, my computer NEEDS it to run disks period, say link  See also: Link
Vince I did a windows search for Gear and deleted the files (Gearaspiwdm) but not before uninstalling QT and Itunes, Then I did a registry scan using run command for Gearapsiwdm and deleted all entries or folders. This worked
MJ Same problem, I just removed itunes and lost DVD, this solution solved my problem. I think apples is becoming the next AOL with putting virus on my computer.  See also: Link
Kusar GEARAspiWDM.sys got infected by "Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk]"(id. by Avast4). Even after virus has been removed and GEARAspiWDM.sys replaced by correct file DVD-RW drive was missing in explorer and there was exclamation mark next to DVD drive in device manager. Problem was fixed by removing invalid values from registry entry(link included below)  See also: Link
Jaybee DVD would not work in Windows 7 BETA after working as expected in Vista x64 and during the entire upgrade. The current workaround is to press F8 during boot (after BIOS but before Windows) and choose "disable driver signature enforcement" in the list of options. I'm thinking of removing the driver as I'm not using the DVD drive in iTunes.
Babalawo The filter driver is used with iTunes and Norton Ghost14. Gear Software has recently released a new driver see http://www.gearsoftware.com/support/drivers.php which did fix the problem in Windows Vista64
von_Runkel Effectively disabled my CD/DVD reading and writing. Running Windows 7 64-bit and it eventually took care of the problem, but only after 4-5 restarts. Do NOT install iTunes!
Cheesecakemonkey Itunes installed disc drive driver
Fer86bd Cam is rigth. Comes with iTunes. It's essentially an ASPI driver that allows iTunes (and other programs that use Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) to talk with your cd/dvd drive(s).
Prashanth This is a driver software from Gear, required to read/write to optical media using different application like ITunes, symantec Norton 360 backup
ComputerAdept GEAR Software Inc: CD DVD Filter. IMPORTANT: Update your driver to latest version(See Link). Old versions have a security flaw that allows kernal access to NT Systems! Also, updated drivers support 32/64bit as well as Itanium.  See also: Link

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