What is gcasDtServ.exe? Is gcasDtServ.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Microsoft AntiSpyware Data Service or GIANT AntiSpyware Data Service
Product: Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta 1) or GIANT AntiSpyware or gcasDtServ.exe
Company: Microsoft Corporation (www.microsoft.com) or GIANT Company Software inc (www.giantcompany.com)
File: gcasDtServ.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of gcasDtServ.exe: 3.5 based on 134 votes. Read also the 137 reviews.

304 users ask for this file. 67 users rated it as not dangerous. 9 users rated it as not so dangerous. 22 users rated it as neutral. 14 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 22 users rated it as dangerous. 11 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about gcasDtServ.exe:
Steven Teiger [SBS-MVP] Now part of the Microsoft Anti-spyware Beta  See also: Link
leeryan@boone.net Isn't this Microsoft's new anti-spyware beta program which I did install
Daniel Mietzschke Microsoft Anti-Spyware  See also: Link
Steffen Hornung Belongs to new Microsoft Antispyware tool (beta as of Jan 2005)  See also: Link
David Bedford Microsoft now own Giant and distribute it as their own product. However, my system has run slow and locked up since I loaded it.
Stone_Brooks Giant AntiSpyware/Microsoft AntiSpyware - gcasDtServ.exe  See also: Link
Kevin Brown New Microsoft Beta Anti Spyware app  See also: Link
Proteus61 This file is the new Microsoft AntiSpyware server  See also: Link
Doc Lewis Microsoft's new AntiSpyware was purchased from Giant
D. Garcia Giant AntiSpyware executable. It has been included in the Malicious Code Remover (Anti-Spy Ware Software for Windows XP Beta 1) MS put out this month
anonomous microsofts new antispyware beta version
Kristian Microsofts Antispyware
wmlagna a file named gcasdtserv.exe inserted itself in my startup files and is consuming all of my resources. the name is similar to the microsoft antispyware beta 1 exe file. It is very busy doing nothing except consuming resources. It did attempt to block attempts to obtain information on it through the internet. I killed it and all has been good.
Stephen Spware
Nurplit gcasDtServ.exe is a process belonging to the Giant/Microsoft AntiSpyware product. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.  See also: Link
Robert It is a Microsoft Program, GIANT is Microsoft. This AntiSpyware service belongs to the BETA version of the new Microsoft AntiSpyware.
matter attached to the microsoft beta version of their spyware  See also: Link
eNeMeS Part of microsoft antispyware(Beta) programme
Daniel It's a service that runs once you install microsoft anti-spyware program
theyt Microsoft antispyware beta1  See also: Link
Terry Microsoft's Beta Anti-spyware  See also: Link
kevin part of Microsoft anti spyware
zach a part of windows new anti spyware software
Rick Microsoft Antispyware beta file  See also: Link
jake This is microsofts new spyware program they purchased from GIANT Software
sly came with MS anti-spyware
ED The serverprogram for Microsoft Antispyware based on the Giant Antispyware engine wich now Microsoft owns.  See also: Link
x Microsoft AntiSpyware
Installed with Microsoft Ant Spyware Beta Version
Its part of microsofts beta antispyware application, which is based off of GIANT, a company that was purchased by MS a few years ago. If you have MS Anti-Spyware tool (in beta form) then this is what that file is.
Looks to be a new spyware cleaner that Microsoft is putting out
Anti spyware program from Giant antispyware
Windows AntiSpy ware  See also: Link
Florin Microsoft Antispyware Beta  See also: Link
Al Microsoft AntiSpyware beta  See also: Link
James Eder GIANT AntiSpyware Data Service  See also: Link
SirYesSir Its the AntispySoftware from Microsoft
Nolan Clasen Now produced by Microsoft anti-spyware  See also: Link
This is part of the Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta
Suzanne this is part of Microsofts new anti-spyware program  See also: Link
Slickstone The file belongs to the beta Antyspyware program from Microsoft
Maeven As far as I understand it is a part of the Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta  See also: Link
Ossian Mogensen Steals all your processing capacity at startup; inpossible to uninstall
gbw It was installed w/o my knowledge. It starts automatically. I'm having trouble getting rid of it.
TF Vendor is Giant AntiSpyware. This company is Microsoft's new partner in it's beta anti-spyware program.
anti spyware
Used by Microsoft AntSpyware
Starts at boot up and consumes a LOT of resources. Prevents other programs from running properly while it is running.
gcasdtserv.exe is associated with microsoft antispyware so no worry if ur suspisious about this file then search this file then right click this file this file is attached with digital signature and which version if no then scan this file with updated antivirus software
Greg Excellent anti spyware program and FREE
Microsoft AntiSpyware
Microsoft antispyware
Richard Creighton Microsoft written anti-spyware program. Useful but is a resourse hog when scanning files and on large system can take hours to complete scan. Despite this, it is worth the protection it affords.
Al Swilling It is a file installed by Giant/Microsoft AntiSpyware. According to the developers of WinTasks 5.0 Professional, a malware detection utility, "gcasDtServ.exe is a process belonging to the Giant/Microsoft AntiSpyware product. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated."
James This is Microsoft's Beta for Anti Spyware
d Microsoft AntiSpyware  See also: Link
If this file takes all of your resources and pegs your processor at 100%, Your system is full of pests. Microsofts antispyware is now preventing your pest from contacting it's mother BOT and is continuing to try, therefore using all of your resources in it's attempt. If you disable this file and than all is well yopu have allowed your pest bot to complete it's mission. Rebuild your system period or live with someone controlling your system.
Al Paton Its Microsoft Antispyware beta. It uses about 90% of CPU resources on startup and can almost bring an average powered PC to a standstill. HAving removed it and installed Adaware i found over 85 objects that Microsoft sPyweare didn't (or more accurately, that it had instaleld). In other words the Microsoft AntiSPyware Beta IS SPYWARE.
Shaun Microsoft AntiSpyware, which has the side-effect of causing my mouse to hang every few seconds. Recommend disabling it when not actively surfing or downloading
Cambaz It hogs resources, CPU running at over 90%... Could be a look-alike to MS spyware .exe, I don't know more yet...
fang Keeps Starcraft from installing and does eat up alot of resources at start up.
Its microsoft anti spyware.... but it consumes huge amounts of resources
dougtait This file uses 40% of my process power, and slows my computer down
Cr8or Hacker Newbie Virus, has infected over 1.2million
Dominik MS AntiSpyware related executable  See also: Link
MR gcasDtServ.exe was running continiously , consuming more than 85% of my resources continiously after restart. Seems to be related to a malfunction of the 'Print Spooler'-service of Microsoft. Internet acces was disabled, two UDP ports were opened in my standard MS firewall advanced settings. My computer seemed to act as a gateway for UDP traffic. Killing proces gcasDtServ and restoring firewall settings, reinstalling AV and ZoneAlarm cured my PC totally. REMOVE gcasDtServ.exe from the Run(once) registry key in the registry and filesystem! Probably you should reinstall MS antispyware.  See also: Link
Bob It is part of the Microsoft scanner but is a massive system hog. Espeacially on older systems. Kill the process if CPU activity hits full and uninstall if protected by another product. Wait for the full release and hope they iron out the resource hogging nature of the software and be carefull were you surf and what you download.
Sonja Microsoft Anti-Spyware, but takes a lot of memory, so it causes my computer to lock up from time to time. While I guess it should be a good thing, I survived without it before and would rather it not be hogging my resources.
P i think people should check. I think that people should check because there IS looking like there is a variant of the file name that is actually a VIRUS... I am online but my computer is running near 100% CPU all the time
naterg I called Microsoft and they confirmed that there is a virus that eats all system resources with the same file name gcasdtserv.exe but there's doesn't run at start up! check this website for confirmation
Jouleskeys It seems to be a Windows Antispyware file. I have noticed on startup a system hang, especially on attempting to goto my computer properties. On stopping this service it ran immediately
Tyler It is Microsoft's AntiSpyware Program by Giant, unless its in your Startup then its a file left by a worm or trojan. (Of course some people think Microsoft is a worm too)
Joseph Grabko There are two versions of this file. One is the Microsoft AntiSpyware. The other is dumped by an unknown trojan/virus and is set to start on bootup.  See also: Link
Interiority It consumes all of my resources. gcasserv.exe is also running and consums almost as much resources. I doubt it's anything harmful but it's annoying.
JerryinBKK It appears to be a resouce hog and I can find no use for it. It only became a problem after my MS anti-spyware beta expired.
Darrel It runs at startup and uses up all the processor. When I terminate it, it starts again. I can't get rid of it. Help!
This process consumes so much of the CPU that I cannot even type at my normal (slow) speed.
Jeff Microsoft antispyware a startup application (.exe) bearing the same is a piece of scumware
TinGrin even if it *IS* legitimate, it does hog my processor and RAM on startup
EgE used all my resources, also restarts itself if terminated.
it scan and protects you not a virus or spyware
Pauliejay It uses far to much memory and proc power
. Steals system resources, blerry kak
:) part of antispyware - easy
user Microsoft AntiSpyware
Microsoft AntiSpyware  See also: Link
MS antispyware beta
Carroll Pruit I can't use my laptop unless connected to the power cord (can not run on battery) with this software installed.
frustratedone Not much uses a ton of resources really frustrating, slows everything down, doubles the time it takes adaware to scan
chris as i am working on a laptop. xp wouldnt complete is set-up properly. i also think it had some effect on explorer on start-up. after closing explorer and running it again then closing gcasdtserv.exe it seems to run better. ** to remove from start-up go to 'run', type MSCONFIG then untick the item in 'start-up'
locks world community grid program! annoying!
brian Seems like every time I restart my computer, it takes up every resource available, and whenever I end the process, it just comes right back and takes up all my processor capacity. Don't have a problem with gcasServ.exe though. Sometimes the little bugger just decides to act up and it gives me absolutely no benefits.
Sean Slows Down Start Up
Lou Slows system down hogs CPU process time. Will try Adaware as an alternate.
Herman van Ree Hangs at startup I need to press alt-ctrl-del and end the process to allow my software to run properly.
Affecting memory, w32.spybot was found in a directory of MS antispyware by symantec
johnholmes It is part of microsoft antispyware bu ton our new computers at school you cant even open notepad untill 2 min after startup because of it so i disabled it.
Segundo seems as MS AntiSpyware but consumes all of my resources...
Chris Is part of MS Antispyware, but definitely causes problems. My laptop's CD drive became very slow and unreliable, for instance. Possibly is spyware, though, mimicking MSAS/GIANT product.
HamatoKameko A friend gave this to me, and since I'd heard good things about it from a Ft. Worth CT columnist, I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, it's caught some things and has stopped AOL from forcing my web presets to AOL site, which is swell, but on the other hand, my system keeps locking up and programs keep crashing. At times, I can't open a new program unless I close everything else, and much of the time I can't even get the task manager to come up. It's not dangerous so much as just incredibly annoying. My advice? Stick to Lavasoft Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. :/
John Laskey Its microsoft anti spyware.... Uses a large amounts of resources
G I Uninstalled this but its still running... taking up too much space IMO
desert_hawk101 microsoft anti spyware
Kraft Nothing to worry about, It's from Microsoft, a anti-spyware program thats also got alot of other useful tools. And it is definately NOT spyware (to those people who posted that it was). Though, it does offer good protection, it does consume quite an amount of resources.
Jojo If I kill the Microsoft Anitspareware (Tray Menu, right click) it disapears from the taskmanager. 100% Microsoft Anti Spyware
T. V. Bennett Came with my new Microsoft Antispyware Beta 1. The program listed 82 Spyware files on my GTateway 500X, then deleted or otherwise dealt with them. You can download it free from Microsoft.com.  See also: Link
Tom MS antispyware
Y I doesnt hog up starcraft installing or anything (starcraft install slows even without the process)
Bruce just now when i was checking these articles out i noticed 6 icons in my tray when i passed over them they reduced to one. i have a amd 3200+ 64 system and it has almost consumed all of my resources it's a problem
ummduh Not a virus even if showing as a startup file- Mine was, I removed it manually, and it broke MS AntiSpyware. So unless they did a really excellent job-doubtfull- it can be actual MS stuf and setup to run at startup. although it is the cause of many problems on my comp.
David nearly locks the system up - have not checked to see if it is sending out data oer network yet, but doesn't look good
Samantha Microsoft's Antispyware (BETA) program
MS (Giant) antispy. Anothr MS resource hog.
Gary I recently downloaded updates for the MS Beta 1 antispyware, since then I have had probs with my computer crashing and rebooting itself specifically when I'm connected to the internet. There are no probs when I use my email though. The computer works fine offline, can do any task. Is this just a coincidence?
This hinders firefox strangely...
Glenn T Since installing Microsoft Anit Sypware Beta recent upgrade my system has been so slow I thought I was due for a major overhaul by format and reinstall all programs. Symptoms were numerous. Double click on icons to open and it took forever to open program. System would often freeze up and I had to press reset and go through reboot. When typing in Word Perfect documents I would have to slow down as the computer could not keep up with the key strokes made during normal typing. Perhaps this gcasktserv file is put in my Microsoft Antispyware Beta or maybe as some say it is a virus .
Glenn T I ran AdAware on my system and found no spyware was found. Then I uninstalled Microsoft Anit Virus Beta and re-ran AdAware and it found 65 pieces of spyware. Maybe Microsooft Beta nees some work. System is running much faster now and the gcasdtserv file is gone from my system. Maybe later the Beta will be better but for now not worth using due to problems.
Hogs my entire computer; not worth much as anti-spyware.
Matt There appear to be several versions of this file. One is related to Microsoft Antispyware, while the other is some sort of spyare/virus that uses up nearly 100percent of CPU in a rundll32.exe process in the process manager. The process will restart itself if stopped. HELP, removal needed!!
Ann i know that when i shutdown the spyware program my cpu went back to normal & when i started it again it went super slow & i have 2.6gig cpu.
PDH RTFM! It tells you right in the Anti-Spyware documentation: gcasDtServ.exe (provides access to SpyNet for reporting unknown applications) If it is hogging up resources on startup, its because its trying to establish a connection to spynet. Just turn off Connect to Spynet option in the settings!
siouxdonnm It is a benign beta version of MS Windows AntiSpy Application, and it does consume sizable resourses temporarily, however. The jury is still out on its efficacy.
Would rather wait an extra second for my computer to load, and have some protection, than surf the net naked, people who dog it should just go out and buy a porno mag instead of downloading it from the net if they whinge about it that much, or get a decent computer.
Lauren Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta  See also: Link
Drewsifer Microsoft anitspyware harmless but uses a lot of ram upon termination process did not restartit self but messed with my boot log
KCB Added by an unidentified WORM or TROJAN. Note - this is not related to Microsoft Antispyware which has a process bearing the same name which doesn’t appear as a startup  See also: Link
steve slows down comp worse than any spyware or adware
NightShade It's the microsoft anti spyware beta service file but 12,000 kb of running memory is just too dang much. I am dumping it asap.
Jenny Microsoft spyware file. I have never had a problem with it eating up my resources, It is constantly running and it gets no where near using 80-90% of my resources, my computer runs perfectly normal and fine with it and it has never given me a problem.
David C Peek Blocked installation of RSView32 Active Display Client,, blocked RSLinx DDE calls from MS Excel
Clark not a security problem but a terrible cpu and disk hog, shouldn't have been released in its present version
Justin This process is definently something that everyone should remove. It cannot be part of the Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta because I had this process running even though I didnt have MAS Beta installed.
Dave it hogged my cpu on strart-up
Mike that it takes up 85-95% of my CPU and that I didn't install it willingly...
Brenda I know that I don't know how it got on my computer and why it runs at almost 50% of the CPU usage constantly.
Henry odd how it locks up firefox for a good while, sucking all cpu cycles into itself. from what others have written here, it could be why my burner is unreliable! strange! i will test this theory...
Doug Burroughs It popped up during a power point presentation running in the background and removed all text from the powerpoint windows. We ran System Manager and stopped the process and it went to normal. Then went to "Add/remove" programs and removed it.

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