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Process name: PnP BIOS Extension
Product: d347bus
Company: unknown
File: d347bus.sys

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of d347bus.sys: 4 based on 64 votes. Read also the 44 reviews.

493 users ask for this file. 32 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 13 users rated it as neutral. 11 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about d347bus.sys:
Andreas Hillinger BIOS Treiber
ReapeR logged onto a forum that i regularly visit, 1st the page said downloading then the page loaded, did an immediate scan with AdAware & detected spyware.Yet system properties said it was needed by a PnP bios extension. I removed the reference in properties rebooted & all is fine.
Fredric Its drivers for deamon tools  See also: Link
Its a Daemon Tools driver
Anon a driver used with Daemon Tools  See also: Link
Dustin Daemon tools driver to setup virtual devices for mounting images.  See also: Link
raymond Cause damage to the system, and Windows failed during loading system.It's the driver for deamon tools.
Henry That Daemon Tools virtual CD-DVD driver  See also: Link
gg can't go in veilige modus
Alison Deamon Tools driver
Daemon tools driver
Fernando Maybe, itīs Daemonīs driver, but XP gets unstable about this file and u get blue screens every time u boot related to this file, I had to cancel the service that uses this file working in the XP installation repairing console, and then I could uninstall the pnp bios extension n control panel - system īcause it was causing some conflict and this sued the d347bus.sys, now everyhin is working fine
Ross Greenall Daemon tools driver, can cause boot failure
Kent Bolton Daemon Tools Driver
[H]omer Virtual SCSI driver installed by Daemon Tools v3.47 - harmless  See also: Link
its a driver for the virtual cd in Deamontools.
LaMe d347bus.sys is driver installed by Daemon Tools (virtual CD/DVD drive).
Brian Levy-Polis Harmless but essential file for Daemon Tools. If there is a problem, boot into safe mode and delete it and and d347prt.sys from windows\system32\drivers\, then boot into windows as normal and uninstall daemon tools, restart again, then reinstall daemon tools (if you still want it on)
Simo Bk Daemon Tools : Essential driver for virtual CD-Rom, DVD-Rom  See also: Link
xbitman daemon tools, poses problems when uninstalling daemon tools virtual drive software
bruce keys keeps restarting my pc with the following - Error code 100000ea, parameter1 8514d638, parameter2 853955d0, parameter3 f7c5dcb4, parameter4 00000001  See also: Link
Squirrel my computer HANGS when loading so start in safemode is ok only if i dont load the D347bus.sys I think it got corupted or it not goodso I'm deleteing it
ricnut It stores configuration data directly connected to the bios setup. It's needed.
Scott Dameon tools driver... Almost certain to cause system failure if you play any games or use any software that checks for emulation as they will attempt to stop it.
Richard I have had problems and only since i have installed Deamon tools, safe mode won't load up because of this file and its hard to get back into xp, am guessing because of this file, i would remove it if you have it, i have done and hasn't affected xp nor Deamon tools (it's fixed my problem)
John Daemon tools item, caused boot failure. Connected hdd to another computer, added file where windows said it was missing. Boot failure fixed, removed daemon tools, re-installed. No problems forthwith.  See also: Link
Oleg Konovalov this is virtual scsi driver used by DaemonTools
Andy My windows did automatically a restart every time i tried to start it. I don't know why this problem occured but after i have deleted this file in prompt the system has started corectly.
gil64 When I boot in safe mode considering d347bus.sys, the computer turn off with no posibility of interaction
~Cruiser~ Make sure that your d347bus.sys is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers. It's necessary for Daemon Tools. If you have more than 1 d347bus.sys or it is not where it should be then fix it. It is NOTdangerous when it is the legitimate file.
Daemontools virtual scssi driver
Mike Stickler I've had Daemon Virtual CD Install for two years without problems. I installed a virtual floppy driver and my system started crashing when loading the d347bus.sys. At this point, I do not know if it is a conflict between the two programs or if the virtual floppy program is the whole problem.  See also: Link
ilari This file was left on the machine, and it's still loaded after uninstall. Use special removal tools, if you want to get rid of it. If you are using daemon (brilliant program) u need it.
xantosdude Daemon Tools driver: if you installed windows service pack 2 and are using a ATA HD then it will bluescreen you or make your startup play a loop... to fix, rename that file and sptd.sys... well it worked for me anyways. Either that or you can reinstall windows.it seems like you need it b/c if you didnt it would start-up... windows deems it as a virus i think...
Xantosdude If you have an ATA HD and Windows service pack 2, your comp will either get bluescreened or play a startup loop and never load
TzeDragon Suspect its associated with ZoneAlarm 70_302_000. File prevented XP SP2 from starting. Reinstalled ZA and now it all appears to be working again.
Wizzie daemon tools driver and it may give this error when u disable primary or secondary ide channels
Deamon tool driver for virtual drive. may enter in conflict with other drive and generate errors at start up
Terry I had the same problem as above; Windows wouldn't boot, it was the SCSI Driver of Daemon Tools, only the file name was different, it was dtscsi.sys. So if you can't find the variant d347bus.sys or d347prt.sys, try dtscsi.sys.
Brian Daemon tools driver. Can cause booting trouble. Was able to remove with safe mode, and then boot succesfully.
long_live_dos had to delete it to get my pc back up and running... error while booting after blackout...
Joan Mir When I boot in safe mode considering d347bus.sys, the computer turn off with no posibility of interaction. I have WXP with SP2 and using Demaon Tools... but the problem appear after other software installation. I deleted it, but this file is not the problem. Finally, I have reinstalled the OS

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