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Process name: CmiCnfg DLL
Product: CmiCnfg Dynamic Link Library or cmicnfg.cpl
Company: C-Media Corporation
File: cmicnfg.cpl

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of cmicnfg.cpl: 4 based on 58 votes. Read also the 44 reviews.

921 users ask for this file. 31 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 13 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about cmicnfg.cpl:
Kranich C-Media Soundkartentool
c-media sound card control panel
Georg C-Media sound drivers
C-Media Config Tool
JIMBUP5- jrhooley It is a C-MEDIA FILE- to disable the item-mscfg-startup-untick cmicnfg.dll-restart computer- tick box -press o.k - my sound and other computer programs are not affected by disabling the dll
alex caulfield its a driver file that i need download
seemed to mess up my sound card
Hamad Al Marri i need it
emanuel process from windows used by "strat windows audio". it is apear "eror acces is denied"
Mateus Part of C-Media driver - MS update installed in incorrectly! Messed up XP - BSOD!
PB Trust audio cards will not work with Windows Media Player without it! Also, Media Player will freeze in mpegs etc.
Salmiakk This is part of your soundcard app
Michał This file comes with the CMI AC '97 sound codec and is not dangerous in any way.
Sebas el informático C-Media audio configuration
Jaime Every star my pc. show "file cmicnfg.cpl " not found
Mike It shows up "missing" when I start the computer
C-Media sound drivers
Khaled Farah related to chipset audio but causes problem with SP2 upgrade  See also: Link
Cougar It was installed from a Microsoft Windows Update for C-Media. When installed, on-board sound was disabled.
Kat It stopped my sound card from working too
JC BOY PHILS. its a file in the by C-Media. To remove that error try this: open regedit- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE- SOFTWARE- Microsoft- Windows- CurrentVersion- Run. Then delete CM Audio. It didnt hurt my sound, it didnt hurt my computer. But I aint certain it wont hurt yours. I just thought it might help.
Ghostrider can realy hurt if done wrong
Aman It's safe. It's an error that develops when you uninstall C-Media On-board audio drivers.
Mahq cmedia driver file after uninstall windows keeps looking for it and not allowing full uninstallation of cmedia audio driver kit - painful use native drivers and utilities instead
Bud Downloads automaticvally in windows update for cmaudio even when running realtec hardware.
shadow it removed all drivers and other files so my sound card quit working.took a day to fix the problem
screwed up my sound the second i installed it!
C-Media sound drivers
marisa vanderschueren erreur de chargement de cmicnfg.cpl
Olii it 's pretty ugly for link soft like word int o AOL
Jon Proctor This link seems to have the issue sorted out  See also: Link
Zalustra After installing the audio drivers for the on board sound an error message kept popping up that Windows could not find this file.
Muhiddin C-Media sound drivers
G file installs as part of an MS Windows hardware driver automatic update, which update often doesn't work with your hardware (loss of sound), and when you roll back the update, the call on startup to mcicfg.dll isn' t removed from registry. Follow instructions from JCBoy Phils in earlier post to remove it ("To remove that error try this: open regedit- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE- SOFTWARE- Microsoft- Windows- CurrentVersion- Run. Then delete CM Audio key", Since it only removes this key, it's safe - but you can export the key before deleting it, just in case you want to re-install for any reason!)
jay @microsoft.com hi im a tect from microsoft (stop that!.lol) ok just run
Techmedia Dave I think that 2 of the 5 users who think they have a problem should be talking to 5 of the 3 users who think they haven't had a problem or maybe the same problem that the 2 users had or haven't had, this should probably cure the problem, or maybe not, thats the real problem.
Yannis Stathopoulos error appeared after I uninstalled C-media audio drivers
sound drivers
UncleGadget Scews up your sound card. Cannot be uninstalled. Get hardware updates from manufacturers NOT MS! MS NVidia updates disable your NVidia video card too!
ram kumar cmedia audio driver
Demonrex C-Media sound drivers
John Chittenden My in-game audio chat (WoW game sounds were) quit working at the same time this file started popping up.  See also: Link
gatuundin fraakin,machkin de shnell
Nothing. But I was getting the same error message. I deleted the CM Audio key and the error message disappeared. My audio is just fine.

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