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Process name: Macrovision SECURITY Driver or CdaC15BA
Product: CdaC15BA or Security Windows NT
Company: Macrovision Europe Ltd (www.macrovision.com)
File: CdaC15BA.sys

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of CdaC15BA.sys: 3 based on 9 votes. Read also the 10 reviews.

608 users ask for this file. 1 user rated it as not dangerous. 1 user rated it as not so dangerous. 3 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about CdaC15BA.sys:
R.Lanier Probably a Macromedia Security driver according to the site at the link below.  See also: Link
ra it is part of cdilla cd-protecting and starts as a xp-service
Dirk VH Has to do with C-Dilla: to disable you copying other CD's
Nick V. Left behind by C-Dilla  See also: Link
Monte Staples Macrovision SECURITY Driver
U I deleted it. No Prob`s scince 2 Years. Although deleted. dit.* and CdaC11BA.exe
Düssi Ersetzt die veralteten Dongles, Freischalten der Software wie zb Kostenintensive 3D Software
G4L Appears to be built in to 64bit XP. You might be able to disable it in Device Manager when you choose "Show hidden devices".
Macrovision security driver
Marco :P Spyware,Macrovision,TurboTax,MechWarrior/Paks. Related to C-Dilla must be disabled in Adminastrative tools and services before you can remove it completely

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