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Process name: Cleanup
Product: Macrovision Europe Ltd. Cleanup or Adobelm_Cleanup
Company: Macrovision Europe Ltd (www.macrovision.com)
File: Adobelm_Cleanup.0001

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of Adobelm_Cleanup.0001: 3 based on 32 votes. Read also the 23 reviews.

635 users ask for this file. 7 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 1 user didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about Adobelm_Cleanup.0001:
Adobe Acrobat 7 cleanup agent
zefrose it starts with Adobe Bridge cracked version then scan photoshop cs2 (cracked too) wich one you can't use it anymore because no windows can be opened inside. !!Macrovision sell services!!
Jonny Why has it been made by Macrovision? Something fishy there !!  See also: Link
Marc Pourcel Adobes Licence Manager (CS Suite)
Rad Related to Installed Adobe Products
Jim Vanson http://tinyurl.com/9la59
blue wtf does it have to have 2 process running, its part of the Adobe CS suite... Creates a crap load of tmp files for no reason.
Jonathan Adobelm_Cleanup.0001 is a process which belongs to Adobe Acrobat. It is part of Macrovision Cleanup which is the software that Adobe uses to prevent illegal copying of its programs.
Diego It increasingly steals system memory and slow down the system
Happybattles Causing random errors and crashes.
Jon It slows down my adobe apps. As soon as I end the task the program speeds up or unfreezes.
FliE Well the only thing it does for me is slow down PSCS2 big time.
rick For me, it occurs when an adobe document loads from internet explorer. However, when i close ie, Adobelm_Cleanup.0001 stills remains in memory along with 3 other adobe items. I think it is some sort of memory leak so and happens every so often. I just close it in process explorer and it goes away.
LeRoy Pea installed itself after online updates. My fix: in safe mode, rename adobelmsvc.exe
Bubba It's safe. Part of adobe suite. Used to verify license activation of adobe products.
Can cause lack of response in Adobe products, not a security threat and can usually be terminated safely through Windows Task Manager.
Shimanyo Part of Adobe Licensemanager. Decreases performance significantly. In case you are online gaming disable it.
Dozirulf Stop the process "adobelmsvc.exe" (it won't hurt anything) and it will stop generating "Adobelm_Cleanup.0001" processes. You have to do it every time you start a CS2 product but it works.
Dido Bonadouchii Its a license activation checker for adobe products but it has a serious flaw that leaks critical areas of memory and steals system resources until your PC either crashes or becomes seriously unstable. I renamed mine, then deleted it. It came with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free version) so why its there I know not, since the FREE version of Acrobat does not need to phone home for licencing checks since the darn thing is free. If you really want trouble-free PDF viewing, creating & distributing, use FoxIt ( www.FoxItSoftware.com ) I just switched to it since FoxIt PDF uses a fraction of the RAM.  See also: Link
Arse It slows down the computer. Tries to connect to the internet. Without a firewall it will propably connect to Adobe and tell them if you have any pirate copys of their products. DANGEROUS for pirates! Block this with a firewall.
Hexadecimus Part of Adobe License Management, hence the filename adobelm. It's NOT DANGEROUS. If you have trojans, etc. it's from downloading an illegal version. Don't do that and you won't have a problem. If you have huge memory usage or leaks, it's either a poorly-coded copy protection crack or because PS just needs that much. I hate the LM service, but it's not a bug or a virus.
Károly Norman Often freezes IE-based browsers until I stop it and the adobelmsvc.exe processes
HattifattenerNo14 ending this process in the task manager has improved computer performance ridiculously well. renaming or deleting adobelmsvc.exe is ineffective, adobe products generate a new one when they start up. it attempts to prevent piracy by checking your hardware and asking you to re-register when your copy is installed on another computer.

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