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Common Windows processes

Windows task manager

_file_ process file The software Security Task Manager is an enhanced process viewer, that displays all the standard information as well as a unique security risk rating based on analysis of hidden functions (keylogging, stealth, browser surveillance, autorun entry,...) [more]

EvtEng Module Intel (intel.com) EvtEng Module
EPSON Web-To-Page SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION (epson.com) Heroes II Gold
eEBAPI Core Process module SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION (epson.com) Enhanced EPSON Bi-directional API
Media Center Receiver Service Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
Spyware Doctor PC Tools Pty (pctools.com) Spyware Doctor
eDataSecurity System Loader( Load and prepare enviroment ) HiTRUST (hitrustalliance.net) Acer eDataSecurity Management
Media Center Tray Applet Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
Quick Launch Buttons Hewlett-Packard (hp.com) Quick Launch Buttons
ewido control ewido networks (ewido.net) ewido anti-malware
Media Center Scheduler Service Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System

Windows proc

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